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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Lots of theater for young people – our partnership with Junges Theater Bonn

Since 2004, we’ve maintained a successful partnership with Junges Theater Bonn (JTB), Germany’s most popular theater for children and young people. Like JTB, we believe theater can make a valuable contribution to the development and education of young people, especially in the age of the internet and smartphones. To allow as many children and young people as possible to visit the theater, regardless of where they come from or their social background, we’re offering the “Deutsche Telekom five-euro ticket” in collaboration with JTB, a discounted ticket category for children, young people, and families. On top of that, we also fund around 700 “Deutsche Telekom Sozialtickets” every year for children in school or kindergarten whose parents cannot afford to visit the theater due to their economic circumstances.

We’ve also been running a media education project with JTB since 2015, the aim of which is to teach children to use the internet, smartphones, and social media responsibly. The project centers on working with young schoolchildren to stage an original play. In it, the children demonstrate how they experience the web, and what opportunities and risks come with being so interconnected – both for the individual and society as a whole. This day-long project is offered every year to fourth-graders from Bonn and the surrounding areas. Drama teachers are there to help the children combine the short scenes they have developed into a full play. We plan to continue working with JTB till at least 2020.