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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Looking into the future: Work 2028

What will our working world look like in 2028? How are digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) impacting our work and life? What will managing people be like in ten years’ time? How will companies have changed? We have examined these and other questions together with our consulting firm Detecon and Henley Business School. 50 influential business leaders from a wide variety of industries and sectors in various countries were surveyed for the study. The results were published in 2018 in the extensive study “Work 2028: Trends, dilemmas and opportunities.”

Those surveyed concurred that AI and man-machine interaction will be a natural part of our everyday professional and private life in 2028. They also believe that technological developments will be the basis for radical transparency in working life: Decisions will be democratized in the future, while leadership will rotate and be multi-directional. However, the participants interpret the effects of this development in a variety of different ways, the optimists expressing a belief in a better, more secure future that will provide more space for creativity and new, exciting fields of work. Against them, the skeptics fear that existing work roles, even quite complex ones, will begin disappearing, and that only very few new job profiles will be created to replace them.

We have summarized the results from the interviews into 16 trends – for the world of work as such, for organizations, and for managers. Our aim here is to provide fresh impetus, encourage a discourse, and create awareness of the upcoming changes. We urge anyone interested to get in touch directly with the study’s team or strike up a dialog with us on social networks. You can find more information on the study “Work 2028here.