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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Inspire and give food for thought: the #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working) initiative

Culture of presence, closed office doors, and managers who want full control of the work their employees do: That was what the world of work used to be like – and still is at many companies. That will change radically in most sectors in the wake of digitalization. Of course, this also applies to the telecom industry. At Deutsche Telekom, we aim to actively shape these changes at our company. We laid the foundation for this in 2014 when we launched the Future Work concept, which is based on an integrated transformation of the workplace, organizational culture and understanding of leadership. Since then, we have introduced open office environments, desk sharing and modern IT tools at our Group headquarters in Bonn and other locations, such as Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Berlin. In keeping with the motto “Changing from a presence-oriented to a results-oriented culture”, we have implemented rules for working from home, which apply for almost 40,000 employees provided their role allows it. We support our employees in this transition to a new world of work and provide them with helpful information and tips on modern work models – for example, in the digital Future Work Guide.

Since 2018, we have continued Future Work under the heading #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working). This also emphasizes that we have expanded the focus of our measures: from modernization of the infrastructure to a new organizational and work culture shaped by innovativeness, trust, digital collaboration, and agility. 

Three major events were held in 2018 as part of #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working) in Bonn, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. They gave our employees the chance to grapple with all issues relating to new ways of working, share experiences, and network better with each other. 3,500 of them took part in the events. Further events are planned for 2019.

Since 2018, we have published a #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working) newsletter in order to also reach our employees at smaller locations. It contains experience reports, tips, and suggestions, also in digital form. Short videos give an entertaining and inspiring introduction to topics such as a culture of innovation and agility or working in open office environments.

As a matter of principle, we refrain from mandatory measures as part of #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working). Instead, employees decide independently which content and issues are relevant to them. As an employer we help them learn more about these issues and put the various aspects of #Neues Arbeiten (New Way of Working) into practice.