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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Skills management in the digital age: skillsUP!

There are 5,500 different job descriptions at Deutsche Telekom in Germany alone. Many of them have literally become outdated in the wake of digitalization: They no longer match today’s tasks and required skills and will therefore also not meet our future requirements.

The skillsUP! project we launched in 2018 aims to cut the number of job profiles to less than 1,000 and adapt them so that they last the next three to five years. That will also ensure the basic profiles can be supplemented in the future to reflect the business units’ latest requirements at little cost and effort. However, skillsUP! involves more than just modernizing job profiles: The new, up-to-date job descriptions are linked to the Group’s skills management so as to ensure holistic, integrated HR planning. It is easier for managers and employees to identify possible gaps in the skills, initiate training measures, or advertise new jobs. Importantly, all phases of HR planning are linked together by means of special software, giving employees and managers simple access to the system at any time. Deutsche Telekom is the first large German company to have such a mechanism. skillsUP! is the Group-wide implementation of several pilot projects that have been conducted since 2016.