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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Employee relations at our national companies

What progress have our national companies been making in implementing our Employee Relations Policy (ER Policy)? We determine such progress using special reviews. Two to three national companies are subject to such a review each year. They use the results of the review to further improve their relations with employees. The results also help us conduct a Group-wide assessment of employer/employee relations and any human rights risks involved in our business activities.

In 2018, we carried out reviews in Malaysia, Singapore and Hungary. We are publishing the detailed results on our website.

Hungary (Magyar Telekom): The ER Policy and its core elements have been successfully integrated throughout the company. Employees know the policy and what it means for their everyday work. The training and development opportunities for employees and managers should also be highlighted. The management feels it is important to strike the right balance between achieving the transformation targets and hiring new employees: The company needs to find new, innovative talents and integrate them quickly in a larger, multi-generational team, yet it must also improve its long-term performance. Magyar Telekom was chosen as one of the top 10 employers in Hungary in 2017, which is reflected in its good results for employee loyalty, team spirit and collaboration.

Singapore (T-Systems Singapore): The ER Policy has been in effect at T-Systems Singapore since the end of 2012 and has become an integral part of the company’s everyday work. This is confirmed by the on-site review and discussions with the workforce. The ER Policy’s successful implementation is demonstrated, for example, in the regular town hall meetings, after which all employees assemble, or in the spirit of open collaboration in teams. Despite the great competitive pressure, T-Systems Singapore is economically successful. The local management is therefore highly respected among the workforce. This is proven by the good survey results in the categories of employee loyalty, team spirit and collaboration.

Malaysia (T-Systems Malaysia): Extensive discussions with management and numerous employees of T-Systems Malaysia showed that all elements of the ER policy introduced in 2012 had been successfully implemented. Employees stated that they were very satisfied with their employer and cooperation with colleagues and management. However, they suggested that the components of the ER Policy should be made more widely known. That applies in particular to the general guidelines and grievance channels. In addition, the workforce would like to see the contents of the policy as the subject of a special town hall meeting.