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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Good participation in Group-wide ideas generation

Fewer employees took part in ideas generation in 2018. In Germany, every 20th employee submitted a new idea. 5,123 ideas were submitted, which is a lower participation, but on the other hand the quality of the individual ideas was higher. The economic benefit translated into a total of 78 million euros in cost savings and tapping of new business potential.
So that participation in Group-wide ideas generation rises again in the future, we have put greater focus in the reporting year on the issue of cooperation with initiatives, such as the company’s own innovation program UQBate or the Telekom think tank for customers.

An employee’s idea also won an external accolade in 2018: Manfred Haidl picked up second place in the category “Administration” in the award presented by the Ideas Management Center. Manfred Haidl developed and programmed a software solution to map processes for handling incidents reported to the service desk, enable standardization and automate recurrent activities.