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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems: “Corporate Happiness” becomes #youmatter

T-Systems already started initiating changes in its corporate culture within the scope of the “Corporate Happiness” pilot project back in 2016. The aim of the project is to apply the scientific findings of “positive psychology” to identify values that will enable employees to better realize their potential. The project encourages them to independently work toward their own, as well as the company’s, success. In mid-2018 the pilot project was turned into a new Group-wide initiative running under the name #youmatter. The aim of the new name is to emphasize that the initiative focuses on the employees – and encourage them to make an active contribution. The various #youmatter offerings have been available as a standard offering on the central HR platform HR Suite since 2017. Interested employees can sign up there for workshops relating to the topics of convictions, developing potential, energy management, and successful relationships. Teams are offered a team process aimed at facilitating and ensuring feasibility in everyday life. HR Suite webinars can also be booked and carried out by those interested in them at their own desk at a time of their own choosing.