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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Promoting the diversity of our young talent

Our contribution to the SDGs

We stand for open-mindedness and are committed to diversity also among our young talent. To this end, we pay attention to the most varied of performance levels and needs:

  • Depending on how long their families have been in Germany and where they come from, young people with migrant backgrounds often encounter particular problems on the job and vocational training market. We see encouraging them as an opportunity and are careful to guarantee a non-discriminatory selection process. As of December 31, 2018, 11.1 percent of our apprentices and students in cooperative degree programs had a nationality other than German, representing a total of 66 other countries.
  • In 2009 we launched the “My chance to get going” entry-level training scheme in collaboration with the German Federal Employment Agency. The project prepares disadvantaged young people with very little chances on the vocational training market for an apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom. Results so far have been good. A total of 467 out of 684 interns from 2009 through 2017 started a vocational training program with us; 113 were accepted into the first year of the program and 354 directly into the second year. Another 22 interns started the program in 2018.
  • Since 2011 we have been collaborating with the German Federal Employment Agency to offer single parents the opportunity to complete a training program or cooperative degree program part-time. 23 young people began their part-time training with this program in 2018.
  • To encourage diversity in the program, we also work to increase the number of women participating in technical cooperative study programs. While in 2010 the share of women was only 11 percent in Germany, it has meanwhile risen to 15.8 percent.
  • Around 1.21 percent of our apprentices in Germany are young people with disabilities. This is above-average in view of the total number of disabled people in Germany.

We offer refugees opportunities to embark on a career through our “Internship PLUS direct entry” program. It comprises a three- to six-month orientation phase followed by a two-year period of employment. “Internship PLUS direct entry” is aimed at refugees who face obstacles to integration, such as a lack of professional qualifications that are recognized (in Germany), and for whom an apprenticeship is not a suitable tool. We awarded a total of 38 places in “Internship PLUS direct entry” in 2018.