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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Promoting digital competence in training

Digital competence is a key skill. That is why we want to enable our young talent to competently use digital media in order to communicate online in a professional manner, research and properly process information for a specific target group and share their knowledge and experiences with others. It is also important for them to constantly critically assess their own media use and identify whether they are communicating properly for the specific target group and know which online information is reliable.

Digital support in learning: flexible and tailored
To make learning more location- and time-independent, we equip our apprentices and students with modern laptops, smartphones and access to our Group’s media. We are continuously expanding our digital learning formats when communicating career- and study-specific expertise. Additionally, our apprentices and students in cooperative degree programs use the TelTec learning platform, with which they can independently plan, document and assess their learning processes. Since 2018, our apprentices have used the ePortfolio on this platform. It provides them with an overview of the requirements during their period of training and study. This tool helps them plan, document and reflect on their learning modules even better. Their trainers and coaches also gain an overview of the progress they have made in their studies and development and can give them tailored recommendations.