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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Encouraging and retaining talent

Dedicated, technology-minded and service-oriented employees are pivotal to the success of our business. The aim of our global talent management is to identify such employees at the company, support and involve them, give them opportunities for further development and ultimately retain them.

Global Talent Pool: Group-wide process simplifies staffing
Employees planning their next career step or who want to amass experience in projects can join the Global Talent Pool and present themselves there in talent profiles. HR experts and all executive staff can access the profiles posted there. With more than 1,200 employee profiles, more than a third more employees than the year before introduced themselves on the platform during the reporting year. As in the previous year, the share of female colleagues was 25 percent, while the number of international employees on the platform remained constant at 56 percent. The platform is a useful tool for increasing talent visibility and simplifying staffing processes throughout the Group. The Global Talent Pool starts every summer and extends over around 12 months. It also helps us encourage employees to gain experience at different business units or national companies and in a range of functions, furthering diversity at the Group.

Talent conferences offer opportunities to engage in dialog
In September 2018, around 350 employees from 19 countries attended the annual talent summit. For the first time, this year’s summit was linked to an event for 300 managers. The focus was on the topic of networking. The event offered participants the opportunity to network with around 13 business units and initiatives at Deutsche Telekom.