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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Sponsorship of “Every woman in technology” awards in Great Britain

T-Systems Limited partnered with Everywoman in 2013 and is now an active member of the network. Everywoman is a membership organization that has championed the advancement of women in business since its foundation in 1999. It works alongside companies looking to develop and retain a pipeline of female leaders who want to advance themselves and others.

In 2017, T-Systems rebranded its own Everywoman community – which is now known as Diversi-T. It has a broader focus on ensuring that the company is a truly inclusive environment where all diversity is supported and championed. The aim of the network is to help staff connect and stay inspired by providing the opportunity to network internally and externally. There are also opportunities to attend in-company webinars, bi-monthly meetings, and an annual event to hear and learn from each other, and from other tech companies leading in diversity.

As part of our commitment to Diversi-T, the Board and all people managers received training in unconscious bias and how this can affect recruitment, personal development, and other core processes. The most positive outcome of this training was to allow the conversation on diversity and bias to become more open.

While the Everywoman Program has evolved into Diversi-T, T-Systems Limited is still very committed to helping to close the gender gap in the ICT img industry and attend the “Everywoman in Technology” awards each year taking some of our customers with us to help build our brand and maintain a broad client relationship. The awards play a vital part in highlighting role models whose stories and achievements demonstrate to those young women and girls that they too can achieve great success if they opt to forge a career in IT. With this in mind, T-Systems sponsors the “rising star” award for women in tech under the age of 26. Jake Attfield, HR Director at T-Systems Ltd. is on the judging panel for the awards and Alison Dodd, the new Managing Director will present the “rising star" award on the night.

T-Systems views the Diversi-T Program as an important part of its strategy and will continue to support it in 2019.