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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Fostering the use of electric cars in the Netherlands

In May 2014, T-Systems Netherlands introduced electric cars for lease drivers in order to help reduce the CO2 emissions discharged from the company’s cars. Charging stations have been installed in parking areas to facilitate charging during office hours. A charging station will also be available at the new office location in Utrecht.

All-electric and hybrid cars help to reduce CO2 emissions as shown in the table below. The reduction in CO2 emissions is good for the environment and the lower tax rates provide a further major advantage for drivers. These two benefits promote the popularity of these types of car in the Netherlands. This appeal is illustrated by the 24.5% share of cars designed to reduce CO2 in the company’s fleet at the end of 2018. In 2019, tax rates for hybrid cars are increasing and this will exert a negative impact on the share.

Car type CO2 emission %
All-electric 0 g CO2 2.4
Hybrid 36-88 g CO2 14.2
CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) 88 g CO2 3.8
Total   20.4