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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

More green energy at Europeanour national companies

Our contribution to the SDGs

In our European national companies, we want to increase the share of renewable energy in our overall energy consumption to an annual level of at least 10 percent above that of the respective national energy mix. In the reporting period, we were able to further increase the share of renewable energy in the European national companies. On average, the share of renewable energy was registered at about 20 percentage points above the respective country mix*. To achieve this, the national companies can also consider acquiring certificates (guarantees of origin) and concluding power purchase agreements (PPAs) for electricity obtained from renewable energy. Our national company in the United States made a particularly large contribution to this increase, but the proportion of renewable energy used in Germany went up, too.

Our national companies in Albania, Greece (OTE), the Netherlands, and Hungary are already pioneers in this field and cover 100 percent of their electricity needs with renewable energies. T-Mobile US is planning on procuring its electricity entirely from renewables by 2021 – predominantly from wind power.
We are making the share of renewable energy transparent on a national company level:

* In the calculation of the share of renewable energy in electricity procurement, the provider mix, the residual mix, or the country mix is used as available, according to the IEA factor (in this order). The share of renewable energy in the residual mix is typically lower than the share in the country mix. For Germany, the EEG surcharge paid is taken into account when calculating the share of renewable energy.

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