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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Testing energy-saving air conditioning in data centers

Given the great deal of heat generated by operating high-performance servers in data centers, air conditioning plays a key role in preventing outages caused by overheating. In 2016 in Nuremberg, we began trialing innovative control technology for our servers’ cooling system, which uses several sensors to record room temperature directly at the servers. Power consumption dropped by 15 percent, as this technique allows the air conditioning equipment to be controlled more efficiently. In 2017, we continued the pilot project and succeeded in reducing our energy consumption further. Owing to the relatively high operating costs, the system is not currently being extended to other data centers, but it will continue to operate at the Nuremberg site and we shall continue to monitor its development.

During this reporting year, we also analyzed and evaluated other innovative cooling technologies for our sites. Our findings revealed that we can make further energy savings of up to 50 percent by taking targeted air conditioning measures. The next step is to test the identified measures and subsequently transfer them to regular operations.