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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Handset Reuse and Recycling in Austria

Since 2014, all smartphones sold by T-Mobile Austria have been sold unlocked. This makes it easy to pass on used devices to friends and family, or sell them online. It therefore increases the value of the original investment.

T-Mobile has been offering to repurchase used mobile devices since 2011. The "How I want it Principle" (“Wie-Ich-Will-Prinzip”) has given this program new dynamic momentum. The "Mobile Phone Purchase" app provides transparent information about the expected sales value of the used device. It is purchased by T-Mobile shops in return for credit notes. The buyback is also offered to customers of other operators.

Recycling is carried out in partnership with Teqcycle Solutions. The Munich-based company is certified for its high environmental standards and ensures secure deletion of the device memory so that personal data cannot fall into unauthorized hands. The devices are then refurbished and resold by mobile phone shops, online exchanges, and other channels. If the devices are broken or their technology is outdated, Teqcycle ensures that they are recycled in Europe under controlled conditions.

As part of its legal obligation, T-Mobile naturally also accepts old devices from customers when they no longer function properly and the devices are appropriately recycled. This process supports DEBRA Austria (the association for those affected by the skin disease epidermolysis bullosa, also known as "butterfly children") and Children's Cancer Aid in Austria:  T-Mobile makes a donation to one of the two organizations for each mobile phone handed in.