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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Coding Workshops for Kids in Poland

Coding is a serious matter for many people and it is associated with complex and painstaking work to save hundreds and perhaps thousands of lines of code. However, programming language is no different from the language we use every day as far as IT specialists are concerned. That’s why thousands of volunteers encourage ordinary citizens to learn about coding in the EU Code Week and help them to understand the principles of programming.

For the second year in a row, together with the CoderDojo Foundation, T-Mobile Polska has been promoting coding projects throughout the year 2018.  During the summer holidays, the children of the company's employees had a chance to participate in a day camp, where they learned to program in Scratch and built robots. T-Mobile Polska also holds coding classes every week at the company facilities in Warsaw. There are also classes in Łódź and 15 other cities. These classes are open for everybody who would like to get familiar with the world of coding.

These activities culminated in SuperDojo 2018, organized by T-Mobile and the CoderDojo Poland Foundation. It took place on 20 October at the T-Mobile headquarters at ul. Marynarska 12 in Warsaw and was attended by about 350 people. Clubs from all over Poland and the most interesting finalists of the T-Mobile Cool Grants competition all held presentations, lectures and workshops.

Super Dojo is a part of The EU Code Week which is a grassroots initiative set up six years ago by the Young Advisors’ Group working with the European Commission. Clubs from all over Poland held free and open workshops for children and young people.  An important element of the initiative is to engage participants from a variety of sectors, such as teachers, engineers, the business world, non-governmental organizations, schools, etc. in their actions.

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