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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Cooperation with the Ministry of Migration in Albania

Telekom Albania is cooperating with the Ministry of Migration on a new program offered to migrants. The program assists migrants and asylum seekers returning to Albania by helping them to reintegrate in the socio-economic life of Albania. Migrants who are underpaid or unemployed are given access to higher paying jobs through training courses and job placement schemes. The program includes training in information technology and foreign languages taught by experts in these areas. Participants are given courses lasting 30-40 hours, alongside interview preparation, sector-based job placement services, and career advice.

The target group is migrants and asylum seekers of different ages who have returned to Albania. The program is intended to help them reintegrate in the social life they left behind, in schools and workplaces, or to set up a new business.

Telekom Albania’s IT infrastructure is used to facilitate these courses.