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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Sentient Company Project at Slovak Telekom

A key project in the field of corporate social responsibility and inclusion at Slovak Telekom over the past two years has been the launch of the Sentient Company project. Employees who come into direct contact with disadvantaged customer groups developed hard and soft skills. Training exerted an impact on 700 customer service representatives.

The project focused on 3 areas:

  1. Training for colleagues from customer service leading staff toward perceiving the needs of customers from disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and the barriers they face.
  2. Building an inclusive corporate culture – a campaign for all employees to combat prejudice, stereotypes, leading staff to perceive the needs and barriers faced by colleagues and people from disadvantaged groups.
  3. Partnership with the Eduma non-profit organization – institutional support and collaboration in the context of emotional awareness. The ambition of the project is to move forward with the continuous process of education and to integrate the system into the adaptive process of new employees, as well as in development training for senior staff and all front-line staff.