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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Diversity & Inclusion at Magyar Telekom

At the beginning of 2018, the Corporate Sustainability efforts of Magyar Telekom have expanded to embrace and reorganize our efforts toward enhancing Diversity Culture and Inclusion within the group of companies. Magyar Telekom took a momentous step in January and launched an anonymous employee survey of perceptions about the state of D&I culture within the company. Nearly 1300 colleagues give their candid opinions on topics ranging from gender equality to perceptions of discrimination for vulnerable social groups (such as Roma, people living with disabilities, members of LGBTQI, single mothers, and 50+ employees a non-management level, etc.). The results of this survey helped us to identify key areas for our Diversity & Inclusion plan with clear and quantifiable objectives up to 2020 ranging from corporate policy to equality-driven revision of specific internal processes along the employee experience cycle, including focus areas like recruitment and talent management.

In November 2017, Magyar Telekom adapted the renewed Code of Human Rights and Social Principles of the Deutsche Telekom Group. On the basis of these reforms, the company was the first within the DT Group to launch e-learning on human rights at an all-employee level informing our employees, close partners, and student workers about our responsibilities in relation to human rights, the responsible ways to take action, and the whistleblower channels available to take a stand against suspected human-rights violations. The obligatory e-learning course was taken by more than 10 000 people and it is now part of the mandatory portfolio of courses at Magyar Telekom.