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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Hrvatski Telekom as an Attractive Employer

Think Bigger Campaign for Better Positioning of HT as an Employer
As a leader for digitalization in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom wants to attract the best employees and talents. An important part of attracting employees with the greatest potential is the positioning of HT as an open and modern company with a strong corporate culture and a shift away from the perception of the company as a rigid corporation. This aim has encouraged us to introduce a new way of advertising vacant positions as part of Deutsche Telekom's “Think Bigger!” employer branding campaign. We want to provide potential new employees with first-hand work experience in HT through the inspirational stories of existing employees. Such a method of advertising is innovative on the Croatian market. It is attractive for young employees and has gained an excellent reputation in the marketplace.

HT Academy expanded with Online Courses
Along with finding new talents, Hrvatski Telekom is continually raising the level of knowledge in the organization. Employee improvement is our priority, and apart from classical training sessions, HT has introduced digital learning through a platform offering more than 7,000 online courses. Participants at our HT Academy receive targeted, relevant knowledge that they need in order to develop competencies. They also find out about the latest trends in industry development necessary for HT's business today and in the near future.

Global Online Challenge Platform as a Channel for attracting Creative Staff
In 2018, Hrvatski Telekom launched its first international online innovation challenge on a digital platform ( This serves to connect businesses with a community of five million innovators, including students, various developer teams, and startup communities. HT is the first company in Croatia to use this global platform.

The theme of the challenge is “Let's Challenge – NB-IoT Saves Croatian Trees”. We asked for a concept based on the IoT system of sensors that could measure temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels in the air so as to detect possible fires.

Using an innovative online challenge platform is part of the Employer Branding Strategy of Hrvatski Telekom. It is also an excellent channel for finding potential new employees.

HT Summer Practice for Students
Hrvatski Telekom recognized through its work with the student community that students often lack the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at university in practical situations. That's why the “HT Summer Practice” project was designed and launched. Practice sessions are intended for students from different universities throughout the country in Zagreb, Vinkovci, Split and Rijeka, mostly majoring in STEM img subjects and the humanities. Students were guided by mentors and included in teams. One of the events they attended was the Design Thinking workshop on improving the customer experience. As a joint team task, they made a promotional video about work at Hrvatski Telekom. After the practice program had finished, HT employed five students.

“HT Summer Practice” is an integral part of Employer Branding and HR Marketing Activities. As a result of participating in the project, students become company ambassadors and the company gets a new database of talented students and potential employees.