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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Saving resources and protecting the environment

With our health, safety, and environmental management system (HSE img) we have made a commitment to continually improving our performance in these areas. The system is based on international standards ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety and ISO 14001 on environmental management.

As a service provider, we use considerably fewer resources than manufacturing companies. The resource utilization for the manufacturing and use of our products occurs in up- and downstream stages of the value chain – with our suppliers and customers. Within our value chain, we are committed to the responsible handling of resources. This means we encourage the responsible use of raw materials by our suppliers and the re-utilization of materials by our customers. For example, we support cell phone collection initiatives in various countries to facilitate the recovery of valuable resources. To this end, we have introduced the Take Back Mobile Devices ESG img KPI img, which compares the number of cell phones (excluding T-Mobile US) brought to market to the number of used devices collected.

We regularly collect Group-wide data on the amount of waste we produce. Our International Waste Management Framework guarantees standardized guidelines for all of our national companies. They are required to use this framework as a basis for identifying their own measurable targets and then monitor target achievement. This approach, coupled with the absence of quantitative specifications, gives us flexibility when addressing the specific requirements of each country and company.

The new Group-wide initiative “Stop Wasting – Start Caring!” brings both ongoing and new resource conservation projects together under one roof, and reinforces the movement for more sustainability throughout the entire Group.

Resource efficiency is also a priority at the workplace. We use recycled paper and energy-efficient multifunctional printers and encourage procurement of green office materials. In order to reduce the amount of paper used throughout the Group, we ask our employees to have their salary statements sent to their “De-Mail” account instead of having a printout sent by post. Around 20 percent of employees have already canceled delivery by post. We hope to continuously increase this percentage over the coming years.