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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Fostering Education and Digitalization

Educational Robotics – STEM
COSMOTE contributes to a better world for all through the development of digital skills of children from all over the country. Over the last 5 years, COSMOTE has been a strategic partner of Non-Profit Organization for Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas, implementing a series of initiatives intended to disseminate educational robotics and STEM img (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) educational methodology throughout the Greek educational system. The following initiatives were launched in 2018:

  • “ROBOGIRL”, the first Greek fiction movie about educational robotics and the experience children gain from it was presented by COSMOTE. It is a family comedy about the power of the team and the capability of children to implement even the most incredible ideas. The movie tells the story of a young girl named Sofia, who although she is not associated with Science decides to sign up for the course on educational robotics. The challenges she faces enable her to discover new things about herself, her friends, her capabilities, and about the achievements a person can accomplish with commitment and perseverance. ROBOGIRL premiered on the COSMOTE YouTube channel and was aired on COSMOTE TV in December 2018. To watch the full movie, click here.
  • The Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for Primary, Junior High and High School Students 2018 was completed with more than 3,500 children taking part. More than 1,500 teachers were trained to enable the student teams to design and build a complete robotic model. Moreover, the digitized projects from the educational robotics competition were uploaded on the WRO Hellas Digital Platform for educational documents to provide unlimited access to knowledge for every teacher in the country. In September, the Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for Primary, Junior High and Senior High School Students 2019 was launched. The competition will finish in March 2019. A new pilot category for kindergarten children is included in this competition for the first time. 
  • The National WRO Competition 2018 was organized with more than 600 students participating from all over Greece. The students tried to provide solutions for critical issues facing our planet such as sustainable food production and food security with the aim of achieving the United Nations' No 2 Sustainable Development Goal of "Zero Hunger" by using their robotics structures. The winning teams from Greece took part in the 14th World Robot Olympiad WRO 2018 held in Thailand under the topic "Food Matters" in November. Two teams won the fourth place, and three more teams claimed significant distinctions.

  • CodeAthon is a new initiative to enhance coding for students. It was organized in the context of Europe Code Week 2018 in October in 4 Greek cities. The aim is to encourage their creativity in programming, to help them develop programming skills, and to empower team working. The 300 students aged 8 to 16 years old participated in this initiative and completed an unfinished electronic game, within 4 hours. The projects of the participating teams were uploaded on an open platform to help other children learn about coding.

Access to the Digital World Program
Because "digital skills do not go with age…", COSMOTE has been contributing to the development of technological skills among older people with the "Access to the Digital World" Program. The program has been running since 2012 and aims to promote lifelong learning, improve quality of life, and contribute to the development of technological skills among people with an average age of 64 years. Over the past 5 years, more than 7,000 people have participated in the program. In 2018, a total of five educational centers operated in Athens and Thessaloniki. All the participants learned how to use the tablet, navigate the Internet, enter the "world" of social media, and use applications to make their everyday lives easier (notes, calendar, notifications, webcam, maps, etc.).

COSMOTE Scholarship Program
COSMOTE ran its Scholarship Program for the 17th consecutive year. The program provides 36 scholarships for first-year students facing financial and social difficulties with a total value of € 650,000. Alongside financial support, COSMOTE offered the scholars fixed and mobile products and services free of charge to cover their telecommunication needs for the duration of their studies along with cable TV services. Over a period of 17 years, the program has provided a total of 658 scholarships valued at more than € 5.5 million.

OTE Group Telecommunications Museum: Champion Museum for 2018 in Greece
he OTE Group Telecommunications Museum was selected as the Honored Museum for 2018 in Greece by the Hellenic Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) on the occasion of the International Museum Day on 18 May. Under the slogan for this year's International Day "Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics", the Telecommunications Museum has scheduled a series of events and educational programs for children, families, and the elderly hosted at the museum's renovated premises. Visitors to the museum use new augmented and virtual reality tools integrated in the renovated Permanent Exhibition Hall of the museum to interact with the museum’s collections and gain a unique and positive experience to share after their encounter. The Telecommunications Museum provides informal education, implements educational programs, and organizes events that reflect its outreach policy and dynamic relationship with society.