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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

#GrowYourBusiness Digital Training
COSMOTE offers free digital training seminars to entrepreneurs through the initiative #GrowYourBusiness – Digital Training. More than 2,500 professionals attended live and live-streaming seminars held in ten cities in Greece and learned about new trends in the digital era. They also familiarized themselves with the world of social media, explored new consumer trends using sophisticated tools, and upgraded their corporate website. After completing the seminars, #GrowYourBusiness digital training is now available online through a series of 12 educational videos. This will allow even more businesses to explore the potential of digital technologies. #GrowYourBusiness is the umbrella for COSMOTE supporting the growth of very small, small, and mid-sized enterprises in the digital era.

This marathon competition of innovation and technology is being organized for the second year running by COSMOTE so as to promote talented people who have specialized in programming, design, communication, and entrepreneurship. It is intended to showcase ideas that will make our world better. A wearable kinetic stabilizer device, a 3D design application in the VR and AR environment, and a "smart" solution for detecting forest fires are the three winning ideas. The 12 teams that reached the final phase had been working for more than 28 hours in a specially designed area at OTE Academy. The participating teams were supported by 20 specialized mentors from business and the academic community. Moreover, they had the opportunity to get in touch with important scientists and entrepreneurs from Greece.

Second Innovation Marathon, Municipalities of Greece Attica
This initiative highlighted innovative applications that will change citizens’ daily life in the new digital era. A blockchain application that eliminates bureaucracy, an energy saving solution for buildings through artificial intelligence, and "smart" bins with sensors for optimum waste management were the ideas that emerged in the City Challenge Crowd hackathon #smartcity2 contest. More than 90 specialized mentors from local authorities, business and the academic community, supported the 77 teams as they worked on their solutions. COSMOTE also provided know-how on "smart cities" technologies. In this context, specialized executives took part in local workshops open to the public.