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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Social Initiatives

Supporting NGOs for Children
Once again this year, the OTE Group supported 17 charitable organizations caring for children all over Greece by contributing nearly € 500,000 of financial aid. Over the past 19 years, the OTE Group has supported more than 55 institutions with almost € 8 million by contributing to the improvement of children’s living conditions all over Greece. Three NGOs were selected by the employees through internal voting. One of the three NGOs focuses on research into children’s neoplastic diseases and on the development of an application which contributes to monitoring their treatment. The other two provide housing, social services, and support for children who are at risk or are experiencing domestic abuse and neglect.

Creating Trauma Centers for Children
In 2018, the OTE Group along with the non-profit organization "Pediatric Trauma Care", contributed to the renovation and purchase of equipment for the Trauma Centers of three hospitals: The Attikon University Hospital and two hospitals in Crete, one of them being the General Hospital of Rethymno and the other being the General Hospital St. George, in Chania. Over the last six years, OTE Group has allocated more than € 600,000 to purchase equipment for 13 hospital units for children nationwide.