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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Contributions toward Disaster Relief

Support for the Hellenic Coast Guard
The OTE Group continues to support the work and mission of the Hellenic Coast Guard by donating an amount exceeding € 100,000. The amount contributed to the maintenance of 34 Coast Guard vessels primarily used in the eastern region of the Aegean and six terrestrial vehicles for border areas where the largest refugee influx has occurred. During these four years of support, the vessels were successfully used to respond to 5,236 search and rescue incidents in the eastern Aegean and more than 174,487 people in danger at sea were rescued.

Responding to Wildfires in Attica
When wildfires started in Eastern and Western Attica in July 2018, the Group acted promptly to meet the subsequent needs by securing communication services from the very first moment and by providing supplies, goods and equipment to those in need. A large number of the OTE Group's technicians and technical teams worked intensively on promptly restoring the damage caused. Moreover, the Group immediately responded to requests for telecommunication infrastructures and services. The Group also allocated a central building as a distribution center for food and supplies in one of the affected areas. The need for blood was addressed by offering supplies from the Group's Blood Bank through the Voluntary Blood Donation Program.