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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

International Safer Internet Day in Croatia

As the leader of digitalization and digital transformation in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom has the obligation to raise the level of security for using the Internet in Croatia, especially among children and teenagers. HT has therefore launched a special initiative – “Share the positive, block the negative” – aimed at raising awareness among young people about safe ways of digital media consumption. Part of this initiative in 2018 was generating the first comparative study of teenage habits on the Internet through the EU Kids Online project. The results accompanied by additional practical safety tips for kids and their parents were published in the brochure issued by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM). The brochure was then distributed at Telekom Centers throughout Croatia.

The initiative successfully brought together academia, the NGO sector, and state institutions, while striving to provide a professional background for the inclusion and integration of Internet safety for children and young people in the educational curriculum.

As part of the initiative ”Share the positive, block the negative” at the end of this year, Hrvatski Telekom launched a “Let's play it safe” campaign aimed at raising the level of information available to young people and their parents about all the advantages and risks that are part of the world of video games. The campaign was created in collaboration with two NGOs and was aimed at creating better and safer environments for young people: the Association for Communication and Media Culture, and the Brave Phone.

The campaign included production of the first digital guide for secure video gaming, which provides a complete overview of the positive aspects, as well as the risks of playing video games. Concrete advice was given to young people and their parents on how to provide better protection from the dangers of the virtual world. The content of this guide is unique in Croatia.