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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Supporting Hackathons in Croatia

Third edition of the HACK IT DAYZ
Hrvatski Telekom in cooperation with other partners presented the third HACK IT DAYZ on 24 and 25 November at the ALGEBRA LAB in Zagreb. This is 24 hours of intensive work for developers, designers, and other motivated individuals or groups who want to create new creative solutions based on the topic of the Future of Video Communications.

The 24-hour challenge at the hackathon competition and the opportunity to win the main prize of HRK 30,000 was complemented by a two-day workshop held in the hub:raum start-up accelerator in Poland. Moreover, this year HT hosted a special conference program for the first time. The project was organized by the HT Core Communication Team, which is part of the EU Product Marketing Team and the even broader STEM img HUB project of Hrvatski Telekom.

Third Edition of try{code}catch Hackathon was launched at the Combis Conference
The third edition of the Combis try{code}catch hackathon was presented on 24 and 25 May. It is a 24-hour student competition in programming at which 15 teams competed. For the first time, the event was organized within the Combis Conference.

There are two types of award at the Combis hackathon event. The best team wins the main prize of HRK 5,000 for each team member. The second prize is HRK 3,000 for each member, and the third prize is HRK 2,000 for each member. The other type of award is the 'award on the long road' – Combis can choose a team that will engage within its NeoStartup program. The team will continue to develop its hackathon solution through to production.

The Combis NeoStartup program is a business model that offers freedom to develop new ideas, but with business security that gives the owners of selected design solutions an opportunity to develop projects based on the start-up principle.