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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Values and Guiding Principles

Corporate responsibility (CR) is based on shared values. To solidify our value-based corporate culture, we convey the basic values of our company to all employees through binding Guiding Principles. We use various measures such as the annual “Guiding Principles Day” to remind employees of these values again and again, entrenching them in our everyday work. And the measures have been successful. According to our pulse survey in November 2018, 76 percent of our employees believe that the Guiding Principles are applied to our everyday work. The approval rating has therefore continued to remain at the same high level as in 2017.

Our Code of Conduct and the Code of Human Rights & Social Principles are other tools we use to ensure that our Group and our partners demonstrate corporate responsibility in their conduct. Our compliance management system, which guarantees that our business activities are in compliance with laws and regulations, is also based on these documents. They also entrench ethical standards and, in particular, human rights within the Group.

Five Principles – Our Attitude – our Guiding Principles Day

Our Guiding Principles were introduced in 2009 with the objective of defining a common system of values for all Deutsche Telekom employees worldwide. In September 2018, we held our ninth Group-wide Guiding Principles Day. Every employee worldwide was asked to think about and reflect on their own attitude. The motto of the day was “Five Principles – Our Attitude”. It once again underscored that our five principles form the basis for our attitude at the workplace.

To make this motto more tangible, we created a short comic that illustrates more negative attitudes of people in a meeting scenario. It motivated our employees to consider how the meeting could have turned out better through a positive attitude. The various ideas were discussed by the employees in YAM, our internal social network.

Managers and employees were asked about the topic of attitude in brief interviews, and these videos were posted on YAM on Guiding Principles Day. We also offered online team training sessions to address the topic in more detail. Overall, the internal website on our social network was viewed almost 18,000 times on Guiding Principles Day. The information posted on the internal portal of Human Resources was viewed more than 36,000 times. In addition, country-specific campaigns in connection with the motto of the day took place at our national companies.

Commitment to the German “Code of Responsible Conduct for Business”

We were among the first to sign the German Code of Responsible Conduct for Business, which was presented to the public in November 2010. All of the members of our Board of Management signed the code, making an express commitment to responsible corporate governance in line with the principles of the social market economy, to fair competition, cooperation with employee representatives, business excellence and sustainability.

We use our products and services to connect people and to increase the productivity of many processes. In this way, we help ensure that Germany and Europe can continue to make strides in international competition and that our well-being can continue to grow. Our goal is to simplify our lives for the long term. Our network helps us implement this broad social mission by acting as a lifeline: fast, reliable, secure and easily accessible to everyone. Our smart digital solutions are creating new ways to effectively address social challenges such as climate change.

We take our responsibility toward society and the environment very seriously and want to contribute to a climate-friendly society, to equal opportunities to participate in the information and knowledge society, and to sustainable supplier management. We work to guarantee respect for human rights without exception.

In line with the code, we continue to expand our leading position as a sustainable company as well as our ongoing efforts to optimize our value-added processes. Our integrated climate strategy is closely linked to our core business and comprises four aspects: CO2 emissions, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and sustainable products. For example, we are increasing the energy and resource efficiency of our networks, services and products and offering our customers sustainable products and services. We are also helping our suppliers to improve their sustainability performance. In these efforts – just like in everything we do involving our diverse stakeholders – we primarily rely on partnership and dialog. In 2018, we placed our multi-award-winning supplier development program under the umbrella of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI img) ICT img industry association as an industry approach.

We set ourselves specific goals and monitor our progress using key performance indicators. We also want to make the impact of our business activities on society and the environment more transparent and, among other things, make clear what we are doing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In 2018, we launched a project on impact measurement.

As a responsible employer, we show our employees the opportunities offered by the digital workplace. We create an environment in which we embrace change and offer our employees new work models, open work environments, social networks to enable flexible, interdisciplinary working, and innovative forms of learning. In 2018 more than 41 percent of all learning modules at our company were completed in digital form.

Our social commitment, however, is not just to our customers, partners and employees. We feel it is our responsibility to support the development of media literacy in our community. Our efforts in this area include the Teachtoday initiative under the “Media sure! But secure” umbrella which promotes safe and competent media use. For example, more than 140 children discussed the topic of data privacy at our 2018 “Summit for Kids”. In 2018 we also integrated the 1001 truths img initiative with modules for adults in German, English and simple German.

For our holistic CR activities, we received the German Sustainability Award in 2017 as the most sustainable large company of 2018.