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„And you want us/me to help you?“ – theme week „No hate speech“

From December 7 to 11, 2020, the "No hate speech" theme week took place on our Facebook and Twitter channels of Telekom helps. The Telekom helps team is the daily contact point for customers - even in difficult cases. With the slogan „And you want us/me to help you?“ we used real hate comments to show the open hostility our advisors are confronted with every day.

The impulse for the theme week "No hate speech" was our #TAKEPART campaign. By addressing the issues of racism, homophobia, sexism and hostility toward people with disabilities, we wanted to make many people aware of the hostility our employees have to deal with every day on social media. We reached over 500,000 people on social media during the week. The week concluded with a video in which we appealed to people not to become perpetrators and to take an active position against hate on the Internet.

In the run-up to the theme week, an interview was conducted with community manager Markus Lukowski, in which he addresses the worsening tone on the Internet in more concrete terms. You can find more information about the #TAKEPART campaign here.

Once again honored with the "Corporate Health Award"

On December 9, 2020, Germany's most socially sustainable employers were honored by EPD Research and the Handelsblatt Media Group. In the information and communications technology sector, we received the "Corporate Health Award" for the fourth time this year. We were able to convince the jury in particular with our comprehensive and targeted range of services as well as the innovative ideas of our Health & Safety Management.

The year 2020 was completely under the influence of the Corona pandemic and presented all companies in Germany with immense economic and personnel challenges. Preserving and promoting the health of employees was given enormously increased priority. The employers with the most exemplary concepts were honored with Germany's leading award in the field of occupational health management. The organizers of the award present it to those employers who have demonstrated above-average commitment to the health of their employees and pursue a forward-looking, sustainable HR strategy.

Further information on the topic of health can be found here.

Climate „A List“: Recognition for climate protection

The CDP (formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”) is a non-profit organization that takes a close look at the climate protection targets and activities of companies worldwide. We have also passed the critical test in 2020 and, as a result, have made it onto the well-known organization’s Climate A list for the fifth time in a row.

This year more than 9,600 companies took part and 270 managed it onto the Climate A list. The list singles out companies that are transparent with regard to climate protection and are aware of their responsibility, adopt and monitor suitable measures, as well as assume a leading role with regard to this issue.

Our mission for climate protection is clear: reducing emissions, minimizing climate risks, and paving the way towards a low-carbon society. To support the climate target of the Paris Agreement - limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees - we have set ourselves ambitious goals. As an important step on this path, we have been sourcing exclusively green electricity in Germany since the beginning of 2020. From 2021, electricity purchases group-wide will be switched to renewable energies. We have also committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest. However, this target is not ambitious enough for us. In 2021 we will therefore examine how we can achieve climate neutrality more quickly.

For more information on the A-list, click here.

Award for best climate reporting

PWC has honored Deutsche Telekom as the best DAX30 company with the Building Public Trust Award for particularly transparent and credible climate reporting.

Winning the trust of the public and investors is crucial to a company's success today. Since 2016, the auditing firm PWC has presented the Building Public Trust Award to companies that stand out for their particularly transparent and credible reporting. In 2020, independent experts examined the annual and sustainability reports of listed companies in German-speaking countries with regard to their climate reporting. Among other things, we were able to convince with our detailed and consistent reporting within the framework of the TCFD recommendations as well as a credible communication of the CO² targets for the implementation of a new climate strategy. The jury's assessment also included the internal management of climate-related issues via sector-specific KPIs (key performance indicators), as well as very good ratings in the area of sustainable investment.

Find more information on our climate commitment here. You can find more information about the award here.

New podcast episode: " Verp*** Dich“ – das perfide „Silencing ".

In the current episode of the podcast series "Culture for Breakfast" Dominik Hennes goes into conversation with Barbara Costanzo. In 30 minutes they talk about hate on the internet and its consequences for our social life.

Barbara Costanzo makes her way through the jungle of terminology and explains the different forms of hate on the internet: cyber bullying, hate speech, silencing and hate comments. The reasons for hate in the digital world can be very different. What impact this can have on society and what each individual can and should do against hate on the internet, you can hear in the new podcast episode " Verp*** Dich“ – das perfide „Silencing " ("Fu** off" - the perfidious "silencing", only available in German).

You can find the current podcast episode here. We provide further information on the topic #NOHATESPEECH here.

Digital Inclusion Benchmark - we are among the top 10

On 01 December 2020, the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) presented the first Corporate Digital Inclusion Benchmark. The WBA evaluated 100 of the world's most influential technology companies. With our comprehensive measures to strengthen digital inclusion, we were able to achieve 7th place out of 100.

More than ever, life is being defined by digitalization. This increases the relevance of digital inclusion and the requirement for companies to take their responsibility as global citizens seriously. The World Benchmark Alliance measures how technology companies are helping to drive an inclusive digital economy and society. Companies are evaluated in four areas: access to technology, advancing digital skills, trusted use, and ethical innovation. We made it into the top 10 in the measurement areas of access, use, and innovation. As one of the few companies to implement ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence, we scored particularly high in the area of innovation.

We are continuously committed to enabling people to access and productively use digital technologies - so that everyone can #TAKEPART. You can find more information here.

All good things come in six!

We've made it: For the sixth time in a row, we qualified for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World & Europe). Only the most sustainable companies in each sector are listed in the indices.

About the award

In the S&P SAM rating we were examined in the ESG dimensions - Environmental, Social & Governance. A combination of transparency and performance assessment is incorporated into the rating. This year we achieved a total of 87 points (out of 100) - an improvement compared to the previous year. In particular, we excelled in the Environmental (98 points) and Social (94 points) dimensions. With this value we are ranked 6th in the telecommunications industry.

We achieved the best possible rating of 100 points each and the status "Best in Class" in the criteria "Materiality", "Environmental Reporting", "Social Reporting", "Labour Practice Indicators", "Corporate Citizenship & Philantropy" and "Occupational Health and Safety".

Our efforts have been successful, and this encourages us! We are constantly striving to improve our commitment to sustainability.

A complete success: Magenta Moon 2020

We are pleased - 15.000 participants did #TAKEPART!

Magenta Moon took place between 17.10. and 01.11.2020 around the topic of digital education. With its varied program, Magenta Moon provided equal opportunities and digital education for everyone - regardless of age, gender and social background. In interactive online and on-site workshops in Berlin, social issues of the digital age were discussed - from digital fitness to hate speech.

About the award

Hate must not be part of our society, neither in real life nor on the internet! With our campaign #nohatespeech we are standing up for exactly that! We want to sensitize more and more people to digital civil courage and show possible solutions for dealing with hate on the internet. At Magenta Moon, 47 online sessions were offered on the topic of hate on the internet. More about the topic #nohatespeech can be found here.

You couldn't #TAKEPART at Magenta Moon or want to dive into the world of Magenta Moon again? No problem! Discover highlights, podcasts, articles and much more from Magenta Moon 2020.

"Heroes of the crisis": Telekom honored for special commitment

Telekom was awarded the "Heroes in Crisis" certificate by the F.A.Z. Institute for its exemplary commitment in the Corona pandemic. Our employees give their best every day so that everyone #can continue to be there even in times of isolation and contact restrictions. For this we were awarded in the category "Heroes in caring for people". Philip Schindera, Head of Corporate Communications, accepted the award on behalf of all Telekom employees at the "Responsible Leadership" conference in Frankfurt am Main on September 15, 2020.

About the award

The Corona pandemic has turned the world upside down. But every crisis also has its heroes, who show special commitment and extraordinary willingness to help society. All these people, institutions and companies need to be "thanked" - and that is exactly what the F.A.Z. Institute and the IWMF Institute for Management and Economic Research are doing with their "Heroes of the Crisis" campaign. A total of 1,000 "Heroes of the Crisis" were honored in the three categories "Care of the People", "Medical Care and Nursing" and "Non-profit Commitment". The official description of the campaign states: "Without the voluntary commitment, ingenuity and tireless efforts of many thousands of 'heroes', Germany would not have been able to cope so well with the Corona pandemic. The prize winners were determined by an AI-supported Internet analysis. Read more about the campaign and the selection methodology here (in German).

Transparency study confirms high transparency of our reporting!

Transparent reporting is an integral part of the responsible corporate governance at Deutsche Telekom AG. The quality of our CR report in the area of anti-corruption has now been confirmed by a study conducted by Transparency Germany: Of the 19 sustainability reports reviewed, our CR Report 2018 contains the most corruption-related information. Compared to other companies, Telekom also has the fewest gaps in the implementation of GRI standards in this area. However, Transparency Germany did not only analyze the GRI implementation by the companies, but also formulated clear demands for the further development of the GRI standards in order to improve the quality of reporting in the long term.

About the study

Transparency Germany regularly examines the implementation of the GRI standards in the reporting of large German companies. The focus here is on corruption and political influence. You can download the study here (only in German).

For civil courage!

With "Words must not become weapons", Deutsche Telekom steadfastly stands by everybody who has been harassed and excluded due to the misuse of digital technology. We are convinced that we need more civil courage online and want to encourage many others to get actively involved.

The internet enables us to stay in contact with one another with virtually no limitations. Some people abuse this, however, in order to systematically humiliate people or intimidate them with harsh criticism, suppressing their voice online. Hate speech, online uproar, and cyberbullying –many out there have experienced these at some point or another. Most people do not express any outrage and leave the field open to the aggressors. We, as Deutsche Telekom, are not only responsible for the quality of our products and services – we also consider ourselves obligated to promote and demand respectful behavior online. We are fighting for an internet without hate and won’t stop until everyone is able to #TAKEPART in the digital sphere without being afraid.

We support initiatives which systematically oppose digital exclusion and propaganda, such as #ichbinhier (#iamhere) and exclamo. We are fighting for increased civil courage in our day-to-day lives with more of our own initiatives:

  • With our #TAKEPART stories, we show why society and the internet need to resist hate as well as what each and every one of us can do.
  • On our Teachtoday platform, we have provided information and teaching materials on cyberbullying, online hate, and other topics which call for digital civil courage. Most recently a toolbox has been added with almost 100 different formats, from videos to workshops for children aged 9-12 and young people aged 13-16, which can be used by anyone – even without any prior experience.
  • April's "Mut im Netz" ("Online courage") edition of our children's magazine, "Scroller", offers tips on how to become an internet hero, conquer online troublemakers, and who has what strengths when retaliating against insults.
You can hear more on the topic in our podcast with, "Zivilcourage im Netz zeigen" ("Show civil courage online") [in German], with Barbara Costanzo.

New "Hotspot": CityTree at Deutsche Telekom`s headquarter

A CityTree was installed last week in front of the main entrance at Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140. Behind the wooden cladding, special types of moss work as an air filter. The so-called BioTech filter binds environmental toxins such as fine dust and nitrogen oxides while producing oxygen at the same time.

The moss filters up to 150 kg of C02 per year. This means that a CityTree with four moss modules can purify the air we breathe for up to 7,000 people within one hour, i.e. approx. 3,500 cubic meters of air.

100 CityTrees could supply all of Berlin with fresh air!

Fans cool the ambient temperature down by 2.5 degrees Celsius, accompanied by a mild forest smell. The CityTree needs 10 times less power (approx. 0.12 kW) than air conditioning (approx. 1.7 kW). The cooling capacity is created automatically by the irritation of the moss.

The manufacturer is the startup Green City Solutions. Telekom is the exclusive partner for network technology and has the CityTree in its Smart City portfolio.

The tested performance of the CityTree is important for Gabriele Kotulla-Münster, Head of Field of Excellence Clean Environment, Smart City Unit at T-Systems: "The Green City Solutions team has researched the perfect moss mix for years. Renowned research partners such as the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research Leipzig (TROPOS) and the Institute for Air and Refrigeration Technology Dresden (ILK) support Green City Solutions in evaluating the effectiveness of CityTrees. This backing also convinced us."

The CityTree is currently still in test operation and will go into regular operation in 10 to 14 days.

Corona: social commitment

The current coronavirus situation is a major challenge - for each individual as well as for our society as a whole. With its solutions, Telekom ensures that people can stay together digitally, move closer together and continue to work together despite physical distance. The Group's commitment and social involvement has several facets, so here is

Our networks enable social interaction even in times of social distance. Therefore it is especially important:
Our networks are secure. Our networks are stable. We ensure the operation of the infrastructure and thus the security of the so important communication for the citizens and also for emergency and rescue services, hospitals, police and authorities.

How do we help to enable social interaction despite distance?

  • For the nationwide neighborhood support hotline of the foundation, the programming of the routing of the nationwide calls was implemented within a few days and the costs for calls are covered. In this way, we are helping to make neighbourhood support fast and uncomplicated: Telekom programs Corona hotline for
  • Our partners TelefonSeelsorge and „Nummer gegen Kummer“ are currently of particular importance. Those seeking help can also find support for the feared "increase in domestic violence during the curfew due to the Corona virus" by calling the „number against sorrow“ with the parents', children's and young people's telephone as well as with the telephone counselling service.

How do we support schools, teachers, parents and children?

  • Since mid-March, we have been providing schools with cloud-based web conferencing services free of charge for 3 months.
  • Advice for parents and grandparents or pedagogical companions on the competent use of media (and also recommendations for child-friendly content and games) can be found here, for example:

How do we help our business partners?

  • In order to ensure liquidity, for example, the annual targets for 2019 were paid out much earlier and current target planning was adjusted to the changed circumstances.
  • More information can be found here.

Even though the current situation poses many challenges, the crisis also demonstrates our ability to act and our strength. Many of the measures have been developed quickly and without bureaucracy. This shows that the expansion of the Group strategy at the beginning of the year to include the aspect of "acting responsibly" has long been part of our self-image as a Group.

We are here for you so you can be there for each other.

We connect Germany.

The current coronavirus situation is challenging us all. Contrary to our nature, we must keep our distance from each other.

We at Deutsche Telekom are making sure that everyone can now stay together digitally and move closer together. Our networks are secure. Our networks are stable. With over 100,000 colleagues, we are making sure that it stays that way. That way, a very important part of our lives can continue and we stay in touch with those who are important to us.

Furthermore, we would like to support our customers with the following measures:

  • For mobile:
    From now on, each of our mobile customers receives 10 GB of data volume per month as a gift until further notice, so you can be online when it matters most.
  • For at home:
    From 14 March, the new streaming service Disney+ will be available as a gift for 6 months, so you can have a little distraction even in serious times.
  • For the home office:
    From now on we provide companies with Office 365 and Cisco Webex Conferencing Services free of charge for 3 months to enable working in the home office without restrictions.
  • For schools and teachers:
    From now on, we provide schools with cloud-based web conferencing services for 3 months free of charge, allowing teachers to communicate with their students.

All further information can be found at

Corona prediction: Telekom supports RKI

Telekom supplies anonymized mass data from its mobile communications network.

Deutsche Telekom has provided the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with anonymized mass data from its mobile communications network for research into the spread of the coronavirus.

Scientists can use the information to map movement streams. This data can be used by the RKI to make statistical predictions about the spread of Covid-19.

No conclusions can be drawn about the individual user or infected persons. Statements on whereabouts or movement traces of individual mobile phone users, i.e. the individual tracking of infected persons, are therefore excluded. The data is nationwide and can be broken down to federal states, districts and municipalities.

The data transfer procedure was developed jointly by Telekom and data protection authorities. It was approved by the Federal Data Protection Commissioner in 2015.

Telekom transferred five gigabytes of data to the RKI free of charge. A further data delivery will take place next week.

Climate Olympics: Become a Climate Hero

In our We Care magazine, we show you how it works.

Every German is responsible for emitting two and a half tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year due to heating. In the first level of our Climate Olympics, we provide playful tips for more efficient and more responsible heating and airing patterns. Reducing the heating temperature by 1° C already helps to save 6 % of energy.

In the second Climate Olympics, we deal with the bothersome task of looking for a parking spot. On average, people spend three-thirds of their lives looking for a place to park our car. This is not only a frustration to the individual, it is also harmful to the environment: looking for a parking spot accounts for 30% of inner-city traffic load.

Every one of us can contribute their share to protect the environment as all seemingly minor efforts contribute to the greater whole. Take part in the Climate Olympics and collect points.


“Unstoppable“: Telekom Meets for Annual Kick Off 2020

Where do we come from? Where are we headed? – and what responsibility do we have as a business?

The Deutsche Telekom AG sought to answer these questions in this year’s annual kick-off “TMTM”. The Deutsche Telekom’s executive management met with more than 1,000 managers from all over the world in the city of Bonn. Under the theme “Unstoppable: believe in your strength – be open to the new – get things done” the excecutive set priorities for 2020 and discussed several topics including innovation, sustainable management practices and future value creation. The Chief Excutive Officer (CEO) of car-manufacturer Daimler, Ola Källenius, also participated in the event as the guest speaker, sharing some of personal his views on key and emerging topics. The event was made available to all Deutsche Telekom employees via live stream and podcast.

While the TMTM addressed several key topics concerning Deutche Telekoms success and operations, it was apparent that corporate responsibility was one of the key priorities of the day. Whether in relation to climate change, social justice or digital participation, topics related to corporate responsibility have been essential action areas for the Telekom since the 1990’s. Amid current international developments such as global warming, or increasing populism endangering democratic states, it is no longer enough for sustainability to be a focal point – we need sustainable business models. It is for this reason that the Deutsche Telekom has adjusted its corporate strategy by adding “Act Responsibly” to its core purpose.


A reward for our efforts

The bars were set high, but our efforts were recognized: Deutsche Telekom has made the “Climate A-List” of the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) for the fourth time in a row for its leading effort against climate change. CDP is an important source of information for investors who want to make sure their money is used to support the transformation to a climate-friendly economy.

Tim Höttges on the recognition: „As Deutsche Telekom we are strongly committed to support the Paris Agreement to keep global warming below the critical limit of 1.5 degrees. Therefore, we are proud to have been included in the CDP A-Rating again. Transparency in monitoring, managing and mitigating emissions world-wide is key to tackle the huge challenge mankind is facing today!” Besides Deutsche Telekom, only eight further companies from Germany made the A-List.

What does Deutsche Telekom do to protect the climate? Here you can read more about this.

In its investors' program, CDP, an independent organization (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) evaluates companies' commitment to protecting the climate and the environment every year: more than 8,000 companies took part in 2019; only 179 were selected for the Climate A list. This list singles out those companies that are transparent with regard to climate protection and are aware of their responsibility, adopt and monitor suitable measures, as well as assuming a leading role with regard to this issue.


Children have rights

Study shows Deutsche Telekom leads the way when it comes to protecting children’s rights

Children are the weakest members of our society and are therefore particularly at risk of being exploited and abused. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child came into force in 1989 with the aim of protecting them. This international undertaking is intended to ensure each and every child has the right to a happy, fair, and prosperous future – and also a say in decisions that affect his or her life. The obligation applies equally to governments, civil society, and business.

But are companies actually honoring their responsibility to protect children’s rights? The Stockholm-based Global Child Forum and the Boston Consulting Group looked into this to mark the Convention’s 30th anniversary. Deutsche Telekom was one of the companies assessed, and it achieved an impressive result in the “Telecommunications and Technology” category. It scored 9.4 out of 10, was categorized as a leader in children’s rights, and came second behind Ericsson (which scored 9.5).

A total of 692 companies from nine industries worldwide were scrutinized for the study entitled “The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2019: From Promise to Practice.” The companies’ official commitments were evaluated using 20 indicators relating to three different areas. Workplace investigated the working conditions for young staff, parents, and caregivers, and also the prevention of child labor. Marketplace assessed the way the market approaches children, focusing on aspects such as marketing and product safety. And Community & Environment looked into the education, health, and support infrastructure for children.

The encouraging outcome shows Deutsche Telekom is on the right track with its wide-ranging efforts to protect the rights of children and young people – efforts that it will systematically continue.

You can read all the study results and the full report here.