SASB - broadening the perspective

For more than 20 years, we have been reporting transparently on our progress regarding environmental and social responsibility - and our reporting already covers most of the information required by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Now we are moving one step further: with the new Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report 2020, we continue on our path towards formal SASB reporting.

Every year we publish a non-financial statement in accordance with the CSR Directive Implementation Act (RUG) in the management report as well as a comprehensive CR report. In addition, we issue a declaration of conformity with the German Sustainability Code. Traditionally, our reporting has been based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Growing requirements have led us to include further standards in our reporting - these include the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We also regularly take into account additional and specific information requirements from external stakeholders in our reporting - for example, from investors, rating and ranking agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This way, we ensure an adequate response to the expectations and requirements of all stakeholder groups.

For the past two years, we have also been working on the SASB standards, which are a useful supplement to the GRI standards and TCFD recommendations. This means that we no longer focus solely on the impact of our business activities on society and the environment. Instead, we are broadening our view to include sustainability factors that influence our business activities and our financial position. We have already included this perspective in our reporting in many places - without specifically addressing SASB criteria. However, in order to further increase transparency for our stakeholders, we are now also reporting SASB criteria for the first time in the new CR Report. The CR Report 2020 will be published on March 31, 2021.

Educating the future: Telekom and Microsoft present digital education package for schools

Together with Microsoft, we are now offering a comprehensive digital education package for schools. The modular offer is suitable for lessons in school as well as for homeschooling.

With the package, we provide laptops or tablets and licences for Office 365. Service for uncomplicated use in digital school routine is also included – our Microsoft-certified experts offer support whenever questions occur and for setting up the devices. Schools can test the package free of charge and without obligation. There is furtermore an additional option for a fast internet connection.

The package also includes Microsoft Teams. This software combines conversations, content and apps in a central location for a better collaboration. The specially adapted version Microsoft Teams for Education is geared to the needs of educational institutions. Teachers can interact with their pupils by setting up video conferences and chats. They are also able to arrange small groups for learning or to work together on documents. Classes can be divided into smaller groups via group rooms, which are used for creative exchange or joint breaks.

Telekom presents "Renegades: Born in the USA"

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have now come together in the “Renegades: Born in the USA” podcast to talk about social issues. It’s all about friendship, democratic and social values, and treating one another fairly. They share their thoughts with listeners over the course of eight episodes. Often they get into casual conversation with some music in the background, without making statements or opinions. As part of our “No Hate Speech” initiative, we are an exclusive partner.

The “No Hate Speech” initiative is referenced in context during each of the podcast’s eight episodes. Because we are also convinced: words must not be used as weapons, neither in the real world nor online. In its role as a driver of digitalization, we are campaigning for an internet free of hate speech. We are actively campaigning to make sure all people can enter into dialog with another on the basis of fairness. With 44 partners, we are fighting to create an internet in which people can move freely without the fear of being marginalized. Together with our partners we are calling to protect victims of cyberbullying, take their side, and stand up against hate speech online. Further information regarding the initiative, the partners, and assistance available can be found at

“Renegades: Born in the USA” is now available for free, exclusively on Spotify. The podcast is in original English. To listen to the podcast for free, Spotify asks for registration.

Taking older people with us in digitization

Today, being digitally present is a central key to social participation. While many older people take the use of the Internet for granted, others have reservations or are simply shy about using digital media. But it's not a question of age: older people are basically just as capable as younger ones of acquiring the necessary skills. We want to encourage seniors to be digitally active without fear of contact. Together with the “Deutsche Seniorenliga”, we answer questions about access to the digital world in the brochure "Digital dabei sein - Keine Frage des Alters" (“Being digitally present - not a question of age”, only available in German) and provide tips and advice on how to make this access to the Internet faster and safer.

What many underestimate: One's own home network plays a crucial role when it comes to optimal connectivity at home. Even those who already use digital media need information and help setting up, but also expanding and improving a stable, fast and secure Internet connection and the associated home network. The website and the free brochure explain in simple terms how to select and set up a fast and secure Internet or WLAN connection and the home network. Further topics are the choice of tariff and data security. It also shows where to get support, for example through learning opportunities, services and tips on using digital media.

You can order the brochure at or by mail. The order address is: Deutsche Seniorenliga e.V., Heilsbachstrasse 32 in 53123 Bonn.

Birgit Klesper becomes chairwoman of econsense

econsense is the cross-sector network of leading, globally active companies and organizations in the German economy that want to actively shape the change towards a sustainable economy and society together. On December 2, 2020, Birgit Klesper - Senior Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility - was elected as the new econsense Chairwoman of the Board.

"Sustainability is a key aspect of many companies' strategy and business operations. But the challenges we face cannot be tackled alone, such as the decarbonization of the economy, sustainably designed supply chains, sustainable finance, circular economy and responsible digitalization, just to name a few aspects. At econsense, we are driving these issues forward together. As Chairwoman of the Board, I would like to further intensify the practical exchange and constructive cooperation with stakeholders from all areas that we have experienced in the network. I am very pleased about the election and the trust that econsense members have placed in me," said Birgit Klesper upon her election.

Telekom the most valuable European telco brand

Deutsche Telekom is once again by far the most valuable European telecommunications brand. According to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 report, we have also recorded the highest brand value in its history, at 51.1 billion U.S. dollars. This is an increase of 27.9 percent on the previous year, which is a record level.

Every year, Brand Finance determines which brands are the most valuable in the world. The British consultancy puts this significant increase in our brand down to the positive economic development in Europe and the United States. In addition, we were again able to score points with sustainable investments in network quality, innovations, and customer service. The successful merger with Sprint in the U.S. and its subsequent rebranding had a particularly positive impact. This lent the brand an additional dynamic, which it used to go on to take the leading role in the 5G rollout. The institute also expects us to develop new revenue prospects in the European markets thanks to our rapid progress in the rollout of the new mobile communications technology.

Deutsche Telekom and its CEO gain best reputation

Deutsche Telekom has reached dual success: The Group and its CEO Tim Höttges have the highest reputation among the 30 DAX companies. This is the result of the current reputation study by the economic research institute Dr. Doeblin. Overtaking the renowned car manufacturers BMW and VW, Telekom beats last year‘s winners.

To find out which DAX company enjoys the highest reputation in Germany, Dr. Doeblin polled around 1,000 people in an online survey from November to December 2020. Telekom ranked first in each of the following categories: “financial solidity”, “dynamism” and “solidarity with the German economic hub”. As the overall leader, the company scored in terms of reputation particularly in the criteria “likeability”, “financial solidity” and “attractive employer”.

In 2019, Telekom was still in fifth place in the reputation index. “In both social and economic terms, we got to grips with a difficult year much better than expected,” says Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges, underscoring the company’s success. “I was very impressed by the flexibility and creativity shown in tackling new challenges. We were there for people and demonstrated that we are not only serious about our promise to let everyone take part, but that we also live up to it as well.”

Dr. Doeblin moreover regularly surveys business journalists to find out which CEO of the 30 largest German companies has the best image. Tim Höttges already moved into first place at the end of December 2020. The criteria used are “expertise and personality”, “strategic vision”, “open approach to the media” and “likeability”.

Tim Höttges enjoys an excellent reputation

Deutsche Telekom’s CEO primarily owes his top ranking to the high marks the business journalists awarded him for his “strategic vision,” where he had a healthy lead over his competitors. In their comments, the journalists praised him for “giving Deutsche Telekom a strong international component”: “The U.S. deal was impressive.” He is considered to be an “anti-bureaucrat” and a “pioneer in digitalization.”

„And you want us/me to help you?“ – theme week „No hate speech“

From December 7 to 11, 2020, the "No hate speech" theme week took place on our Facebook and Twitter channels of Telekom helps. The Telekom helps team is the daily contact point for customers - even in difficult cases. With the slogan „And you want us/me to help you?“ we used real hate comments to show the open hostility our advisors are confronted with every day.

The impulse for the theme week "No hate speech" was our #TAKEPART campaign. By addressing the issues of racism, homophobia, sexism and hostility toward people with disabilities, we wanted to make many people aware of the hostility our employees have to deal with every day on social media. We reached over 500,000 people on social media during the week. The week concluded with a video in which we appealed to people not to become perpetrators and to take an active position against hate on the Internet.

In the run-up to the theme week, an interview was conducted with community manager Markus Lukowski, in which he addresses the worsening tone on the Internet in more concrete terms. You can find more information about the #TAKEPART campaign here.

Once again honored with the "Corporate Health Award"

On December 9, 2020, Germany's most socially sustainable employers were honored by EPD Research and the Handelsblatt Media Group. In the information and communications technology sector, we received the "Corporate Health Award" for the fourth time this year. We were able to convince the jury in particular with our comprehensive and targeted range of services as well as the innovative ideas of our Health & Safety Management.

The year 2020 was completely under the influence of the Corona pandemic and presented all companies in Germany with immense economic and personnel challenges. Preserving and promoting the health of employees was given enormously increased priority. The employers with the most exemplary concepts were honored with Germany's leading award in the field of occupational health management. The organizers of the award present it to those employers who have demonstrated above-average commitment to the health of their employees and pursue a forward-looking, sustainable HR strategy.

Further information on the topic of health can be found here.

Climate „A List“: Recognition for climate protection

The CDP (formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”) is a non-profit organization that takes a close look at the climate protection targets and activities of companies worldwide. We have also passed the critical test in 2020 and, as a result, have made it onto the well-known organization’s Climate A list for the fifth time in a row.

This year more than 9,600 companies took part and 270 managed it onto the Climate A list. The list singles out companies that are transparent with regard to climate protection and are aware of their responsibility, adopt and monitor suitable measures, as well as assume a leading role with regard to this issue.

Our mission for climate protection is clear: reducing emissions, minimizing climate risks, and paving the way towards a low-carbon society. To support the climate target of the Paris Agreement - limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees - we have set ourselves ambitious goals. As an important step on this path, we have been sourcing exclusively green electricity in Germany since the beginning of 2020. From 2021, electricity purchases group-wide will be switched to renewable energies. We have also committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest. However, this target is not ambitious enough for us. In 2021 we will therefore examine how we can achieve climate neutrality more quickly.

For more information on the A-list, click here.

Award for best climate reporting

PWC has honored Deutsche Telekom as the best DAX30 company with the Building Public Trust Award for particularly transparent and credible climate reporting.

Winning the trust of the public and investors is crucial to a company's success today. Since 2016, the auditing firm PWC has presented the Building Public Trust Award to companies that stand out for their particularly transparent and credible reporting. In 2020, independent experts examined the annual and sustainability reports of listed companies in German-speaking countries with regard to their climate reporting. Among other things, we were able to convince with our detailed and consistent reporting within the framework of the TCFD recommendations as well as a credible communication of the CO² targets for the implementation of a new climate strategy. The jury's assessment also included the internal management of climate-related issues via sector-specific KPIs (key performance indicators), as well as very good ratings in the area of sustainable investment.

Find more information on our climate commitment here. You can find more information about the award here.

New podcast episode: " Verp*** Dich“ – das perfide „Silencing ".

In the current episode of the podcast series "Culture for Breakfast" Dominik Hennes goes into conversation with Barbara Costanzo. In 30 minutes they talk about hate on the internet and its consequences for our social life.

Barbara Costanzo makes her way through the jungle of terminology and explains the different forms of hate on the internet: cyber bullying, hate speech, silencing and hate comments. The reasons for hate in the digital world can be very different. What impact this can have on society and what each individual can and should do against hate on the internet, you can hear in the new podcast episode " Verp*** Dich“ – das perfide „Silencing " ("Fu** off" - the perfidious "silencing", only available in German).

You can find the current podcast episode here. We provide further information on the topic #NOHATESPEECH here.

Digital Inclusion Benchmark - we are among the top 10

On 01 December 2020, the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) presented the first Corporate Digital Inclusion Benchmark. The WBA evaluated 100 of the world's most influential technology companies. With our comprehensive measures to strengthen digital inclusion, we were able to achieve 7th place out of 100.

More than ever, life is being defined by digitalization. This increases the relevance of digital inclusion and the requirement for companies to take their responsibility as global citizens seriously. The World Benchmark Alliance measures how technology companies are helping to drive an inclusive digital economy and society. Companies are evaluated in four areas: access to technology, advancing digital skills, trusted use, and ethical innovation. We made it into the top 10 in the measurement areas of access, use, and innovation. As one of the few companies to implement ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence, we scored particularly high in the area of innovation.

We are continuously committed to enabling people to access and productively use digital technologies - so that everyone can #TAKEPART. You can find more information here.