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2019 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Hubraum projects

• For 2020, hubraum has announced the Tech Award: Sustainability in 5G Challenge. With this, hubraum starts to make the ecosystem a more environmentally-friendly place by meeting 5G’s increased demand for energy sustainably — with the help of cocreation.
• Neebo, a start-up from Great Britain and participant of the hubraum Consumer IoT eSIM program, has developed a sensor wristband for babies. It allows the child’s vital signs, such as breathing and pulse, to be monitored via smartphone.
• Safety is one of the main reasons why driver assistants and systems for autonomous driving are constantly being improved.  For these assistance systems (e.g. video, 3D point clouds and telematic) to function properly, a lot of sensor data is required. The startup Teraki - a hubraum investment - is developing software that significantly reduces the energy consumption that arises when processing these sensor data.