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You can find a selection of all videos from our CR reports over the past few years arranged according to section topic here.

Strategy & management

Complex social questions call for clear, strategic answers
How does Telekom manage to ensure profitability, assume responsibility for society and the environment and meet the different expectations of its stakeholders all at the same time? Interview with the former Climate Representative of Deutsche Telekom.

Customers & products

2020 DataCenter
Animation from our WeCare app.


How smart grids work


How are we going to manage the transition over to the new digital age? What is Deutsche Telekom's contribution?
How does Deutsche Telekom make sure that information is not abused? And how does it manage this information and make sure that it is handled responsibly?


Network solution
The Diabetes portal, a joint development by Deutsche Telekom and health insurer Central Krankenversicherung, is an electronic diary, a health promotion coaching tool, a learning workshop and a social network all rolled in one. In conjunction with mobile measuring devices that participants can use in their day-to-day lives, the portal is the central tool that enables them to live well with their illness over the long term.


Data privacy
Deutsche Telekom offers a comprehensive product portfolio with a choice of security levels for mobile security and data privacy solutions. This portfolio allows customers to determine for themselves how they want to deal with their personal and business data and which security level they would like to select for which corporate applications.


Deutsche Telekom: VideoIdent – A new type of identification for online orders via mobile
You no longer need to personally accept your deliveries. Identification via the mail carrier ("PostIdent") can now also be done from the comfort of your home - via a video link to one of our consultants . An example shows how VideoIdent works.

Why not give VideoIdent a try next time you order from our mobile online shop!


The European Aviation Network (EAN)
Take-off for the European Aviation Network (EAN): Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat, together with technology partners Nokia and Thales, have successfully conducted a program of test flights in the UK.


Pan-Net – telco production of the future
Why do we need a new type of production for our telecommunications services? And what's the automotive industry got to do with it? Find out more about Pan-Net, the most innovative network architecture concept for the telco industry!




Summit 2018 Impressionen

Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling line  
Deutsche Telekom Stiftung



New sports experience
As part of the long-term "New sports experience" sponsorship project, Deutsche Telekom is offering soccer clubs special training in "blind soccer". Under the guidance of blind soccer players, teenagers gain experience and learn specific skills for dealing with blindness, which they then apply in playing blind soccer. Blindness is simulated using opaque ski goggles.


Interviews at the 2016 IT Summit
Numerous experts from the fields of business, research and education met at the German IT Summit this year. One particular focus in 2016 was on digital education. SCROLLER youth reporter Bianca visited the IT Summit and interviewed Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and others on how to use digital media securely.


What is Sea Hero Quest? – Netzgeschichten (Network Stories)
Playing and doing good at the same time, that sounds promising. In the current episode of Netzgeschichten, presenter Sissy Metzschke follows up on what the mobile game "Sea Hero Quest" has to do with research on dementia. By the way, "Sea Hero Quest" can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. And it is free. More information about the research project and the game is available at


Civil protection via app – Netzgeschichten (Network Stories)
Civil protection starts long before an emergency happens. But, of course, it is important to be warned early on in order to be as well-prepared as possible. This can happen via apps such as NINA, Katwarn and myShake, which warn you about an impending disaster, be it a storm or worse.


Baskets@school student training project
Deutsche Telekom's Baskets@school initiative makes it possible for students in 5th through 10th grade to have their sports idols visit their school. Children and young people experience what professional basketball training is like by participating in a training session that lasts for around 90 minutes. The goal of the project is to strengthen team spirit and teach students from the region more about basketball. Pros from the Telekom Baskets teach the students tricks and special moves. Head team trainers offered a total of eight such training sessions from November 2016 through April 2017.




Risks in the supply chain call for intelligent, collaborative solutions.
Where does Telekom's responsibility for a sustainable supply chain begin, and where are its limitations? Is it Telekom's responsibility to denounce suppliers that do not engage in sustainable practices? Interview with the former Chief Procurement Officer of Deutsche Telekom.

Climate & environment

Climate Change
Animation from our CR App img “We care”