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Beneficiaries and Media Literacy ESG KPIs KPI

The report comprises a set of three KPIs for calculating the impact of our social commitment. In addition to the Community Investment ESG KPI, we report the Beneficiaries and the Media Literacy ESG KPI img here. Our activities are based on the methods employed by the London Benchmarking Group (LBG), which incorporate the aspects, "input," "output" and "impact".

The Beneficiaries ESG KPI reflects the number of people who got involved in community activities and the number of people in the target group that participate in or benefited from such activities (e.g. media literacy trainings, DSL img connection in schools and crisis helpline).

Our ambition: increase KPI

The Media Literacy ESG KPI reflects the share of people we have reached through programs addressing this topic. This KPI establishes a direct correlation between these activities and our core business. The ESG KPI reached 41 percent by the end of 2019 and our aim is to achieve a share of 45 percent by 2020.