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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Jobs with a future

Do you know what experience designers do? They design websites or apps in a way that makes them visually exciting, easy to use and emotionally appealing for users. One of many professional fields at Deutsche Telekom that didn’t even exist in this form a few years ago.

Inclusive, fair and high quality education

With our comprehensive training program, we are contributing to the fourth goal of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Learning to learn

Digitalization is constantly creating new professional fields and changing existing ones. Many of us will have more than one profession over the course of our lives. And even within the same job it is important to repeatedly develop new skills. In order to keep step with this shift, our approach begins right at job entry. After all, only those who learn how to learn right from the beginning are truly equipped for the future. We give our apprentices and junior employees the tools they need to be able to keep on facing new challenges throughout their professional lives.

Where can I start here?

Get on board, take off: We offer school and university students and junior employees many opportunities to pursue a career and contribute to our digital future.

Internships for school students

A student internship at Deutsche Telekom lets students look behind the scenes of an international group and learn how and what we are working on here.


Whether it’s a systems electronics technician or industrial clerk, IT specialist or office assistant: We offer school students the chance to start their careers in eight different skilled occupations at 35 different locations.

Cooperative study program:

Is spending all your time at the office too little - and all your time at the university too theoretical? With a cooperative Bachelor’s and Master’s program, beginners can combine the two. In the end, they have both professional experience and a degree in their pocket.

Trainee program:

Our trainees choose the area they want to focus on themselves, work independently on challenging projects and, in so doing, lay the best foundation for subsequently taking on a position of responsibility.

Direct entry:

Reach your goal with no detours – you can with our direct entry. Graduates can join one of our departments directly and get involved immediately in shaping the digital future.

Female junior

We offer them special training programs and exciting networking opportunities, such as the first AI hackathon img for women. We present the “Women’s STEM Award”  img to honor outstanding final theses.


We offer our junior employees numerous opportunities for further development: From part-time study programs to the first leadership position, anything is possible!

With currently around 2,150 apprenticeship and cooperative study program places each year, we enable numerous young people to start their careers through high-quality dual apprenticeships or dual studies. After successful completion, the young people have very good chances of being hired by the group, especially in the technical and IT area. But they are also highly sought after as a specialist in the job market.

Digital is important

Digital learning - it’s an obvious element in our training. We equip our apprentices and dual students with modern notebooks and smartphones, and support them with various digital learning formats. The “TelTec” platform was designed specifically for our learners. They can use it to plan and document the next steps in their individual learning process. That way they learn from the outset how to skillfully handle digital tools.

Open to all

Getting started in a career can sometimes be bumpy. After all, we don’t all begin with the same opportunities and backgrounds. We have developed special programs and options for applicants who have to overcome particular hurdles at the start of their career.

Disadvantaged young people

“My chance to get going”: Since 2009, we have been preparing disadvantaged young people for an apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom under this heading. Since the project was launched, 481 out of 706 interns have started an apprenticeship with us.

Single parents

Since 2011, we have been collaborating with the German Federal Employment Agency to offer single parents the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship or cooperative study program part-time. 13 single parents began their part-time training with this program in 2019.


In 2019, we awarded around 450 places in various measures to refugees - mainly in the form of internships, as part of an apprenticeship or in the “Internship PLUS Direct Entry” program, which combines an internship with a two-year permanent position.

Is it all just a game?

Get a new job by playing? Look no further! One example is our “Global Online Challenge Platform“, which we use to reach students, graduates and young IT professionals worldwide who enjoy mastering virtual business games. Players who successfully complete the game and offer a solid presentation of their solution could soon be working on real issues at Deutsche Telekom. Since 2018, we have also been using online games in the application process for our „Start up!“ trainee program. It allows us to test job-related skills and the knowledge of the applicants. And we also learn a bit about their personality in the process. These mini-games can be conveniently completed at home. The actual application process with us on site is then shortened and takes just half a day.

Simply outstanding

We have received various awards for our achievements as an employer and training provider. This is always a major incentive for us to continue to give our best when it comes to communicating with job seekers and promoting and developing young talent and entry-level professionals. In 2019, for example, we received the “Female Recruiting Award”: This honors companies which, in the opinion of the visitors to the “women & work” career fair, best managed to appeal to women. In addition, Deutsche Telekom is one of the most popular companies among German LinkedIn members.