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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Current organizational structure in CR

Overall responsibility for CR lies with our Board of Management; it discusses and decides on important CR matters. The Board Member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director Officer decides which CR matters are to be classed as important and represents them on the Board of Management. The Group Corporate Responsibility (GCR) unit reports to the Human Resources and Legal Affairs Board department. It develops Group-wide policies and guidelines with the goal of advancing the corporate culture with a focus on sustainable innovation and social responsibility.
In order to always ensure direct feedback between CR and our core business, the CR Board advises GCR. The board is made up of the heads of the main Group units.

The CR managers from the different business units and national companies are responsible for implementing our CR strategy. They collaborate within the international CR Manager Network, where they coordinate their activities and share best practices.

Our CR Policy img provides the formal, mandatory framework for the sustainability management activities at all Group units. The CR Policy has also been successfully introduced in a majority of European national companies since 2017.

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