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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Risk and opportunity management

For us, comprehensive risk and opportunity management also means considering the opportunities and risks arising from ecological or social aspects or from the management of our company (environment, social, and governance – ESG img). We actively and systematically involve relevant stakeholders in order to identify which current and potential ESG risks and opportunities are important for Deutsche Telekom. We also participate in a number of working groups and committees. We continuously track ESG issues and systematically ascertain our stakeholders’ positions on these matters. 

Important tools we use for this purpose are: 

  • Fortnightly social media monitoring, which evaluates information appearing on social media that is relevant to us 
  • Our involvement in working groups and committees, numerous relevant national and international business associations, and social organizations (GeSI, Federation of German Industries, BITKOM, econsense, and the German National Association of Senior Citizen's Organizations, for example)
  • Stakeholder dialog formats organized by us 
  • Our various publications, such as the press review and newsletters
  • Our internal compliance evaluation, which also examines the most important sustainability risks

In the section risk and opportunity management our annual report also addresses the following issues, which we have identified as key aspects of our sustainability management:

We are currently investigating internally how reporting on climate-related financial risks and opportunities can be aligned with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD img). This should build on the existing approaches for strategy, controlling, and risk management. Further information on the TCFD is available here.