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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Values and Guiding Principles

Corporate responsibility (CR) is based on shared values. To solidify our value-based corporate culture, we convey the basic values of our company to all employees through binding Guiding Principles. We use various measures such as the annual “Guiding Principles Day” to remind employees of these values again and again, entrenching them in our everyday work. And the measures have been successful. According to our pulse survey in November 2019, 74 percent of our employees believe that the Guiding Principles are applied to our everyday work.

Our Code of Conduct and the Code of Human Rights & Social Principles are other tools we use to ensure that our Group and our partners demonstrate corporate responsibility in their conduct. Our compliance management system, which guarantees that our business activities are in compliance with laws and regulations, is also based on these documents. They also entrench ethical standards and, in particular, human rights within the Group.