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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Raising awareness of compliance risks among staff

We aim to ensure the conduct of our employees in their day-to-day work is always ethical and lawful, which is why we implement the following measures across the entire Group:

  • Annual compliance risk assessment (CRA), which we use to identify and assess compliance risks and specify key areas for suitable preventive measures.
  • Preventive measures that are combined in a compliance program.
  • A Group-wide Code of Conduct that sets out clearly how our employees are expected to behave.
  • Compliance-related Group policies on areas such as anti-corruption, gifts, invitations, and events, as well as on dealings with consultants and agents.
  • A policies database that helps staff find and implement applicable regulations.
  • Regular compliance and anti-corruption training (see GRI 205-2).
  • The “Ask me!” portal for questions relating to compliance. The portal contains FAQs with example cases, as well as information on laws, internal policies, and behavioral standards. It also gives users the opportunity to contact the “Ask me!” advisory team, which will provide reliable answers if they are unsure about what to do in a particular situation. The number of inquiries and the topics covered can be viewed here.