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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Political advocacy tools

Our partners from parliaments, governments, and non-profit organizations need to uphold their independence and integrity. This principle is codified in Deutsche Telekom’s Code of Conduct. Donations to political institutions, parties, and political representatives are not allowed, for example. Instead, we place importance on factual communication, competence, credibility, and integrity. As a result, politicians and stakeholders feel that the information we provide is authentic and credible and refer to this information when forming their own opinions. Deutsche Telekom is registered in the official transparency register for lobbyists in Brussels. Within the context of our collaboration efforts in associations and other bodies, we feel that we are under the obligation to comply with all ethical codes and legal provisions.

In 2019, our political advocacy work focused on the following key issues: 

  • Framework for broadband and fiber-optic build-out
  • 5G frequency auction
  • Mobile strategy for Germany
  • Data economy and artificial intelligence
  • Secure networks and cybersecurity 
  • Digital self-determination
  • Sustainability

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