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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Tax policy guidelines

The Group Tax department is responsible for ensuring that the Deutsche Telekom Group pays taxes and duties at the national and international level in accordance with the applicable laws.

It is the task of Group Tax to take measures that the Deutsche Telekom Group complies with all its tax obligations in Germany and abroad, in particular that it pays taxes in accordance with the local laws and regulations applicable to the individual Group entities. This includes the Group's income taxes, which must also be regularly reported in our IFRS financial statements, as well as, for example, VAT and wage taxes payable within the context of customer transactions and for Group employees.

Group Tax also ensures that the Deutsche Telekom Group has an efficient tax structure within the framework of German and foreign tax laws as applicable in each country, i.e., that the Group does not carry any unnecessary tax burden. The goal is to achieve sustainable tax efficiency for the Group, which requires a transparent, trust-based cooperation with local tax authorities.

In addition, Group Tax undertakes to contribute to the greatest extent possible to the success of Deutsche Telekom's operations, e.g., by providing detailed tax advice regarding new business models or innovative technological developments. In such matters, Group Tax is particularly focused on clarifying upfront any unresolved tax law-related issues as well as providing practical solutions to meeting all applicable tax requirements.

The tax strategy – Tax Compliance, Sustainable Tax Efficiency, Tax as Valued Business Partner – was also adopted by the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management.

For detailed information on the work of Group Tax, its principles, and its responsible approach to tax, please see the related document.

Deutsche Telekom participates in initiatives for the development and establishment of a comprehensive approach regarding the determination and publication by enterprises and groups of meaningful information relating to tax matters. The aim is to give a full and differentiated view of the various contributions to the financing of the public domain that are made in connection with or otherwise result from enterprises and entrepreneurial activities. In this respect, Deutsche Telekom determines the so-called „Total Tax Contribution“ for the main European group companies in the telecommunications sector. This approach is explained in more detail in the attached document on Total Tax Contribution, which also contains the respective information relating to Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom intends to determine and publish such information also with respect to subsequent years.