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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Continued analysis of our products’ sustainability benefits KPI

In 2014, we began analyzing our product portfolio together with external experts based on sustainability criteria. Recently, in 2018, we revised the filter logic of our approach so we can better map current developments. As part of our analysis, we are now placing greater emphasis on aspects such as information security and the circular economy.

Overall, we have carried out in-depth analyses for 27 product groups with regard to their sustainability benefits and the corresponding business potential (as of year-end 2019).

We measure the result with the Sustainable Revenue Share ESG img KPI. The share of such products was already 43 percent in 2019 (excluding T-Mobile USA).

Our ambition: increase KPI

With a view to improving transparency in the reporting year, we analyzed the sustainability benefits of our revenue categories and assigned these to the Sustainable Development Goals img. This assignment was based on an expert assessment and is intended to provide an idea of the type of potential sustainability benefits our products deliver. Where revenues were limited, only the main SDG impact was taken into account.

To date, there is no industry-wide established system that provides sustainability information about ICT img products and services. We have started to create just such a system using our product analyses – that is, to find out which sustainability contributions our products can make in the first place. We are eager to step up our efforts in informing our customers about such sustainability benefits and thus also sharpen our competitive edge. 

In 2019, we therefore launched the “we care” label for Deutsche Telekom products, services, and initiatives. Deutsche Telekom employees can put forward suggestions for the label, which are then reviewed by an expert committee. A product, service, or initiative can receive the label for its contribution either to environmental protection or digital participation. A brief description beneath the “we care” symbol refers to the specific sustainability benefits. We use the symbol to offer our customers greater transparency and to help them make a purchasing decision.

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