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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach for top service quality

We strive to offer impeccable service that turns our customers into loyal fans. That’s why we have set out to offer a service that rolls digitalization and compassion into one. Our staff members are free to decide for themselves, based on the relevant circumstances, how to best help our customers and ensure they enjoy a positive experience. Our solution consists of devoting more time to customers, answering their queries on the spot and with a smile, and being there when they need us. In this way, we transform contact with customers into genuine client relations.

Overall, this approach has enabled us to cut customer complaints by more than half since 2017. We have successfully reduced the proportion of missed technician appointments to 1.5 percent and the average wait time on the hotline to under two minutes. Just as importantly, however, we have been able to resolve many customer requests on first contact and have thus improved our first resolution rate. These achievements have also been independently verified by numerous successes in tests that show we are on the right track.