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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach for consumer protection

Consumer protection is a multi-faceted topic at Deutsche Telekom. A core element is keeping our customers’ data safe and secure. Data protection and data security are therefore top priorities for us. 

The youngest members of society, in particular, need to be shielded from dangers online. That’s why protecting children and young people also plays a big part in what we do. 
Youth protection aspects are also taken into consideration in our product and service design. In Germany we involve our youth protection officers in all issues regarding planning and designing offers for young people. The youth protection officers can then recommend restrictions or changes. We have appointed a Child Safety Officer (CSO) at each of our national companies within the EU who is responsible for issues pertaining to the protection of minors. The CSO acts as a central contact for stakeholders from the community in the individual markets and plays a key internal role in coordinating issues related to youth protection. These measures increase the consistency and transparency of Deutsche Telekom’s involvement in protecting minors.

Above and beyond this, we strive to ensure our network does not affect people’s health. We actively respond to the latest scientific research on mobile communications and health, and provide our customers with transparent updates in this regard.