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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach for energy-efficient networks

We operate our own fixed-line and mobile networks in Europe and the United States. The majority of our energy requirements come from operating this network infrastructure. In the interest of our customers, we continue to increase the capacity and performance of our networks so that we can handle growing amounts of data and improve the speed and quality of data transmission. However, this also means higher energy requirements. In order to reduce our energy needs, we are pursuing the following approaches:

  • We are updating our network infrastructure, e.g., by migrating to IP img technology and removing equipment we no longer need.
  • We are optimizing energy generation and supply with the help of technical innovation.
  • We are working on firmly embedding the aspect of “energy efficiency” in the architecture and design phase of new technology selection through specifications and requirements.
  • We use energy-efficient technology not just for our networks, but also for lighting, monitoring, and – most importantly – cooling our systems. Our internal energy service provider, Power & Air Solutions, whose energy management has been ISO 50001 img certified since 2013, plays a key role in these activities.

Andreas Kröhling

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