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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Total energy consumption KPI

Total energy consumption indecreased by 1 percent year over year as a result of the rapidly growing data traffic and the corresponding continuous network expansion. In order to achieve our climate goal, we are focusing on areas with especially high energy consumption, such as our networks and data centers. For instance, we are migrating our network infrastructure to IP  technology, which is not only more powerful, but also consumes less electricity than existing technologies.

Data verified by PwC. For detailed audit comments see „DT Group in Germany“ and „T-Mobile US“.


Reporting against standards

By reporting our energy consumption from primary energy sources, we partially cover the GRI 302-1 (Energy consumption within the organization) GRI indicator and the E01-01 (Energy consumption, total) EFFAS indicator. By reporting fleet energy consumption, we also partially cover the GRI 307-1 (Environmental impact of transportation) GRI indicator. This data is also relevant for criterion 11 of the German Sustainability Code (Usage of natural resources). It is also used for reporting on the Global Compact  principles 7 (Precautionary approach) and 8 (Promoting environmental responsibility).