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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach for more renewable energy

Our contribution to the SDGs


Renewable energies are an important element in avoiding greenhouse gases: By 2021, we want to obtain all of our electricity from renewable energies. To do that, we are sourcing more green electricity directly, acquiring corresponding guarantees of origin, or concluding power purchase agreements (PPAs), as is the case in the United States. Whenever possible and practicable, we invest in our own power plants – for instance in the construction of cogeneration plants and the installation of photovoltaic systems.

We have been recording the “Renewable Energy” ESG KPI since 2016. In addition, we have developed parameters that apply Group-wide and let us assess electricity procurement at our national companies in terms of sustainability aspects in order to further increase the share of electricity from renewable sources in the future.

Since 2019, we have also been testing alternatives for a climate-neutral power supply for mobile masts using fuel cells. They are economical, silent, low-maintenance, and, thanks to the use of bio-methanol, they are one thing in particular: carbon neutral.