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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Renewable energy ESG KPI KPI

The Renewables ESG img KPI  is calculated based on the share of renewable energy in the total electricity consumption. We are committed to increasing our reliance on renewable energy throughout the Group. The new climate protection target includes obtaining 100 percent of energy requirements from renewable sources. To this end, all national companies can purchase renewable energy directly as well as through certificates (guarantees of origin for electricity from renewable sources)  if needed.

In 2019, Deutsche Telekom obtained 64 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. 

The average share of electricity from renewable sources in the country mix across all countries where Deutsche Telekom is active was 31 percent. This was based on the supplier-specific electricity mix, the residual mix or the average country mix according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, depending on the statistics available. The residual mix uses country-related residual factors (based on the RE-DISS project of the European Commission, which assessed the national share of renewables following subtraction of declared quantities of electricity). The share of renewable energy in the residual mix is typically lower than the share in the country mix. For Germany, the EEG surcharge paid is taken into account when calculating the share of renewable energy.

The share of electricity obtained from renewable sources based on the country mix amounted to 24 percent (“remaining” country mix). b)

Share of renewable energy in the total electricity consumption (in %)