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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Job ticket KPI

In 2019, 14,000 employees of the Deutsche Telekom Group in Germany used a discount season ticket provided by their employer to commute by public transport. This reduction is due to relocation of sites.

We offer regional discount season tickets (monthly or annually) to our employees at many of our German Deutsche Telekom sites, especially in high-density population areas. The offer encourages our employees to use climate-friendly public transportation and helps them keep their commuting costs down.


Reporting against standards

By reporting on the use of discount season tickets, we partially cover the V04-13 (Percentage of services to reduce impact on climate) EFFAS indicator. This data is also relevant for criteria 2 (Implementation of the sustainability strategy) and 10 (Innovation and product management) of the German Sustainability Code. It is also used for reporting on the Global Compact principles 7 (Precautionary approach) and 8 (Promoting environmental responsibility).