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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Employee communities promote sustainability

Green Pioneers (Telekom Germany):
The internal “Green Pioneers” ambassador program was launched in September 2018. The aim of this grassroots initiative is to promote a fundamental shift toward more responsible management and conduct in all parts of the Group.

There are now more than 200 employees at 40 locations and in more than 20 departments acting as Green Pioneers who specifically look out for improvement potential in their area of activity.

The Corporate Responsibility department creates the framework conditions for the Green Pioneers. Its community management is responsible, among other things, for providing the initiative’s communication platform in the internal social network You and Me (YAM). Regular virtual and personal meetings allow users to exchange information and experiences, share knowledge through internal and external expert talks, and plan activities.

Depending on their location, interests and expertise, the Green Pioneers come together to form thematic or regional “hubs”.

Many Green Pioneers are active within the scope of flexible working methods, using them to establish modern work models ("80/20" and "Jobvisit") and gain new technical and methodological knowledge while strengthening Group-wide collaboration.

The Green Pioneers act as internal multipliers for change: they motivate employees to be involved in numerous resource conservation campaigns, such as organizing an exchange for office supplies, clothing exchange campaigns, plant and waste collection campaigns, and an internal company ride-sharing agency.

Numerous employee initiatives aimed at sustainability and environmental protection are also active at the national companies of Deutsche Telekom AG, as at the following companies, for example:

T-Mobile Netherlands:
In 2019 T-Mobile Netherlands has created a committed employee community to engage as many people as possible regarding recycling, efficiency and circular ambitions. Three teams have been set up: Climate & Energy, Circular business, and Sustainable Business Operations. The teams in turn are made up of three groups: 1) experts - employees who are dealing with waste, recycling and product streams on a daily basis, 2) ambassadors – people who feel committed to the topic and want to contribute to “Stop Wasting“, and 3) our most important waste and energy partners/suppliers. Together these teams are responsible for creating a long-term vision, setting annual goals, formulating action plans on how to realize these goals, but also to inspire the rest of the organization to join them.

T-Systems Iberia (Spain):
During the last quarter of 2019, T-Systems Iberia created the community T-OGETHER, the launch followed in the beginning of 2020. T-OGETHER is a group of volunteers committed to promoting sustainable initiatives. At the heart of the community is the executive committee consisting of currently ten committed employees. These volunteers are supported by an advisory committee, comprised of environmental, Corporate Responsibility and communications experts. The aim of T-OGETHER is to drive ideas around sustainability in line with the company's environmental and social objectives and also to raise awareness regarding environmental issues among all employees. The members develop initiatives and propose them to the company's management. Once an initiative and a budget has been approved, the executive committee starts with the implementation.

IT-Services Hungary:
At IT-services Hungary a community called “ITSH Environmentally Conscious Club” focusses on raising awareness among the employees in order to reduce electricity and water consumption, decrease paper usage and promote a more effective company and pool car usage as well as selective waste collection. Additionally, IT-Services Hungary is currently in the process of founding an Environmental SPoC (Single Point of Contact) network enabling employees to connect with their colleagues more easily regarding environmental concerns and ideas.

Similar to the Green Pioneers in Germany, twenty Change Agents work to promote sustainability at T-Systems Singapore. In other national companies, such as T-Mobile Poland, Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia), T-Mobile U.S. or Crnogorski Telekom (Montenegro), employee communities are already active or at the stage of creation.

To find out more about the commitment of your employees and corporate responsibilities at our national companies please visit the company profiles.