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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Further resource protection measures KPI

The advantage of the print-on-demand approach is obvious. Brief job-related instructions are printed on a daily basis and do not need to be produced in advance, transported, or stored. Changes to document templates are in use with the customer the very next day, which results in a far shorter response time and means out-of-date materials no longer need to be destroyed as was sometimes previously the case. The new concept has significantly reduced material usage, which is in keeping with the Deutsche Telekom goal of ensuring sustainable management that conserves resources. Brief instructions for the MagentaZuhause rate plans marked the first step. In this initial project phase, paper consumption is already being reduced by 37.6 metric tons per year.
The next step will be to investigate whether print on demand can also be used for other equipment documentation with particular specifications (several sheets, brochure included, enclosure of SIM card, etc.).

  • Reduction of paper consunption since project start:  140 t Paper
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions since project start:  180 t CO2

RECUP returnable cup
In 2018, Deutsche Telekom and Sodexo – the company running our canteens in Germany – joined forces to introduce the sustainable alternative of RECUP returnable cups. A reusable RECUP can replace around 500 disposable cups and can then simply be recycled. In return for a deposit of 1 euro, our employees get their coffee in a reusable RECUP. This can be returned to any participating partner, where the deposit is returned and the RECUP rinsed and reused.                                                                  

The initiative started at the Deutsche Telekom sites of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Munich, Dachauer Strasse in November 2018. Many more sites were added in 2019, boosting the number of RECUPS by 115 % to more than 12,000 pieces.