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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Protecting biodiversity

Our contribution to the SDGs

One major cause of species extinction is the fact that more and more space is being taken up by industry, agriculture, and transportation. 

Deutsche Telekom’s business operations primarily impact the biodiversity at our suppliers’ premises at the start of the value chain. The space taken up by our core business is also significantly lower than in other industries.

Nevertheless, we are concerned about protecting biodiversity wherever we can. ICT img solutions can help preserve biodiversity, such as through our “Bee and Me” project, which helps beekeepers protect their bees.  Deutsche Telekom also emphasizes the protection of biodiversity as it expands its network and complies with relevant nature conservation regulations. Environmentally friendly measures helped us provide the famous Eltz castle with mobile coverage without disturbing the habitats in the nature reserve.

In addition, we also cooperate with environmental and nature conservation organizations to financially support nature and species protection. Proceeds from the used mobile device collection campaigns benefited the following organizations, among others: Landesbund für Vogelschutz Bayern e.V., Pro Wildlife e.V, projects for the protection of gorillas of the Frankfurt Zoological Society, and species protection projects of the Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich.

In 2019, there was increased public discussion on possible negative effects on animals and plants due to electromagnetic fields img from mobile communications. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection held an international workshop on this topic in 2019 and determined that, based on the current state of scientific knowledge, there is no scientifically reliable evidence of a risk to animals and plants from high-frequency electromagnetic fields below the threshold.